Ilkmor, Turkey’s first and only registered native purple potato has been grown in Sivas and Konya

Doga Seed Growing Company produces potatoes as seed, raw material and frozen product in approximately 30 thousand decares area in different regions of Turkey. As a result of 10 years of R&D studies initiated by Doga Seed Growing in 2010, 17 types of local potatoes have been grown.

“Ilkmor”, one of the 7 domestic potato varieties of the company that received registration in Turkey, draws attention with its antioxidants, gluten-free structure, high nutritional value and purple colour. Purple potatoes, known to be native to South America, are widely consumed in Europe due to these features.

Sivas and Konya provinces in Turkey have been growing the purple potato for two years, the first harvest of Ilkmor was made in Goydun village of Sivas Hafik. 500 tons of harvest is expected from Konya and Sivas where Ilkmor is now cultivated in 120 decares of land.

Mete Kaan Bulbul, the general manager of Doga Seed Growing R&D Centre stated that the first purple potato was developed by pollinating a variety brought from South America. He said:

‘’Ilkmor is Turkey’s first and only registered native potato variety with purple flesh. Purple potatoes are consumed in many parts of the world, and even widely consumed in Europe. There is a ‘yellow potato’ perception in Turkey. Purple potato was an unknown product in our country and we realized this and developed this product with a 10-year study. We have been producing seeds for 2 years only in Konya and Sivas.’’

Ilkmor will also be sold to foreign market

Bulbul talked about the qualities of the Ilkmor patato:

‘’Ilkmor is much different than normal potatoes in terms of nutrition. This potato has a high antioxidant content. Its glycaemic index is also very low. Therefore, it is a potato that diabetes patients can consume in a controlled manner. Purple potato does not contain gluten either. Those with celiac disease and those who want a gluten-free diet may prefer it. People can consume this potato by boiling, frying, and making appetizers. They can be mixed into meals. Apart from that, we also produce this potato as a frozen product. It can also be consumed in this way.

We are planning to export Ilkmor in the future.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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