Idea Technology Investments Corporation made its first investment in the domestic start-up Sopyo

IdeaSoft, Turkey’s leading e-commerce infrastructure established by Idea Technology Investments Inc., made its first investment in Sopyo, a local startup that enables e-commerce operations to be managed from a single screen in real time.

IdeaSoft, 100 percent owned by the investment firm Idea Technology Investments Inc., was established in order to grow start-ups in the technology field.

Seyhun Ozkara, CEO of Idea Technology Investments Inc.:

“With our new investment company we have established, we aim to invest in SAAS solutions, fintech initiatives, e-commerce and new ventures focused on e-export. In the first year, we set out with the goal of investing in four companies. The first company we invested in was Sopyo, which facilitates this process for anyone who wants to sell in marketplaces and offers marketplace and accounting integration solutions.’’

Sopyo, is the easiest form of e-commerce

Sopyo founders Ender Gazel and Ahmet Alan, on the other hand, underlined that the number of users grew by 425% on average with the pandemic and stated that they had approximately 6000 users:

“With the investment we received from Idea Technology Investments Inc., we aim to rapidly grow our team and develop value-added services for SMEs in domestic and international e-commerce platforms. We offer the easiest integration solutions for marketplaces such as Akakce, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, n11, Amazon and Trendyol. We enable you to manage your product, order, cargo receipt and invoice processes from a single screen. We aim to be a companion in the digitalization of SMEs and e-commerce operations, and to be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to e-commerce integrations.’’

Sopyo is an integration solution that enables multi-channel sellers to manage their e-commerce operations in real time from a single screen. While Sopyo provides order, stock and product integration with its marketplaces, it allows all platforms to be managed very easily and functionally through a single panel.

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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