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How much is the property tax in Istanbul?

Property tax price increase rates have been determined for 2022 in Istanbul. In some districts of Istanbul, real estate taxes were increased almost 10 times.

New and increased property tax values that will be valid between 2022 and 2025 in Istanbul have been determined. According to the news in Sozcu; Istanbul Governorship Real Estate Tax Values Central Commission approved the increase rates determined by the land valuation commissions established in district municipalities, which meet every 4 years. The lists in question have been displayed by neighborhood headmen since the end of June.

The square meter unit prices, where different rates are determined for neighborhoods and streets in each district, surprised the homeowners. In many districts of Istanbul, real estate tax price increases were made at high rates. Beykoz district is one of these districts. In some neighborhoods of the district, the square meter unit prices increased 10 times. Citizens object to the published property tax rates within 30 days. Many homeowners are preparing to exercise their rights.

Increased from ₺1,224 to ₺12 thousand

IBB and Beykoz Municipality Council Member Cemal Sataloglu explained the latest situation in the real estate tax in the district as follows:

“For example, in Acarlar District, which has a good income level, the price of square meters has increased 10 times. In Kanlica District, the price of ₺1,224 per square meter has been increased to ₺12 thousand.

The understanding that let’s make it very high in neighborhoods with high income and lower than others is not fair. There must be a certain systematic. While determining the property tax, the administration cannot act as if it determines the income tax. Taxes were not distributed fairly. The 50% increase limit imposed by the previous law was also not complied with. This is an important reason for the objections.”

Local authorities will also appeal

Stating that the landlords reacted to the property tax price increases in Beykoz, Sataloglu said that the headmen would also object to the decisions.

Sataloglu said, “The Land Appraisal Commission, established within the municipality, consists of the deputy mayor, a civil servant from the land registry, the expropriation manager, the financial affairs manager and the headman. The situation of the neighborhood should be discussed in the commission. The decisions taken by the imposition method without taking into account the opinions of the local authorities were communicated. Some of our local authorities did not sign rightly. The signatories also said that they will exercise their right to object. The decision was taken in June. The appeal and litigation process continues. This is the most current issue in Beykoz at the moment.”

Rates vary from street to street

The square meter unit price in Beyoglu Cihangir Siraselviler Street, which was ₺37 thousand, increased to ₺53 thousand 690. The unit price of ₺15 thousand in Sisli Tecvikiye increased to ₺20 thousand. In Beykoz Goztepe Mahallesi, the square meter unit value of ₺810 increased by 5 times and was calculated as ₺4 thousand. The price increase increased proportionally at points where unit prices were low. In one street of Beykoz Goztepe District, the price of ₺213 per square meter has reached ₺3 thousand 500. The price of a square meter, which was ₺164 in Koprulu Cikmaz Street in the same neighborhood, increased to ₺246.

Source: Emlakkulisi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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