Home cooking service will be added to cleaning platform Mutlubiev

The home cooking service, which will be available to a limited number of users, can respond to the needs of Mutlubiev users, while increasing the income of cleaning professionals.

Tayga Baltacioglu, the CEO of the cleaning platform Mutlubiev, announced that he will add home-made food service to Mutlubiev with a post he shared on LinkedIn. The service, which will be available to a limited number of users in the first place, may be welcomed by users with a busy schedule.

Those who want to benefit from the service must sign up for the waiting list for now. You can be one of the first to try the service by dropping your email address on the shared Typeform.

How does the home cooking service work?

Mutlubiev determined that there was a demand for the cleaning staff coming home to cook with the feedback collected from the users. After meeting with the cleaning professionals in his ecosystem, Mutlubiev started to provide periodic trainings to professionals who are talented in cooking.

Thus, cleaning professionals will be able to provide home cooking services in addition to cleaning in the homes they visit. Mutlubiev, on the other hand, can help cleaning professionals increase their income with this new service. With the release of the service, it is also possible that some users will only receive catering services from cleaning professionals. Home cooking service may be the choice of white-collar users and university students.

Mutlubiev serves in 12 cities in four countries (Turkey, Spain, Italy and England) with 13 thousand 500 cleaning professionals. Mutlubiev has received an investment of $4.5 million since its establishment in 2014. The initiative, which plans to open to Manchester by expanding its UK operations by the end of 2021, is preparing to meet the different needs of consumers by expanding the service areas of cleaning professionals.

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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