Holimax: A new generation player in the tourism industry

Holimax, which was implemented with the 12 years of experience of CRM Tourism, started its service with the mission of a new generation tour operator.

CRM Tourism, which has been the companion of hundreds of brands in the tourism sector since its establishment, started its service by combining its experiences in digital media, marketing, call center and sales services under the roof of Holimax. Holimax, which started its advertising and promotional activities with the slogan “Holimax means vacation”, was welcomed by the travelers in a short time. Bringing the facilities in Turkey’s major destinations together with the holidaymakers with new generation marketing strategies, Holimax will also start its overseas operations in 2022. Ramazan Becer, Chairman of the Board of CRM Group, said, “With Holimax, we continue to brand our name, which is known and trusted in the sector, on the customer side as well. We offer all kinds of services from transfers of our guests to accommodation reservations and 24/7 consultancy during their holidays. We have adopted the concept of a safe holiday with our reservation system with a cancellation guarantee until the last day. With our professional teams, we create a bond of trust between our tourism facilities and our guests.”


Stating that very high budgets come to mind when holidays in Turkey are mentioned, Becer said, “In Turkey, facilities are promoting with their advertising power. There is a perception that it is addressed to the upper-income group. However, there are holiday alternatives suitable for every budget in Turkey. It is possible to have a budget holiday in boutique hotels, apart-hotels or in the all-inclusive concept. We aimed to keep this range very wide with Holimax. We will be a brand that appeals to all segments.”


Stating that the activity in the tourism sector was promising after Russia lifted the travel ban and started flights, Becer said, “The lockdown in Russia brought many cancellations. We aim to experience the same mobility in European countries again. The facilities, which do not expect Russia to lift the expedition restriction, have put into effect their preparations for opening with this decision. This situation necessitated the emergence of more bed capacity both in terms of employment and for all markets. During the pandemic period, our industry will replace its losses in a short time. Turkey is one of the most important holiday regions in the world.” Stating that the season will last longer this year, Becer said, “Right now, there is an explosion in July – August reservations. For this reason, the season seems to last until the end of October. Tourism professionals are happy.” Becer also mentioned that the hotels will be happy if the desired employment is provided and thus the service quality will increase. “Although it is perceived as a disadvantage in terms of rising prices for the domestic market that the Russians will come, I think that the supply-demand balance will settle and hoteliers will be happier in terms of both employment and income, so this happiness will also be reflected in the quality of service.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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