“Historical peak” expectation in Italy-Turkey trade volume

Livio Manzini, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, stated that they talked about a trade volume that will exceed $20 billion this year with Turkey and said, “This is also a historical summit.”

An economic forum on “Italy-Turkey Commercial Relations in the Post-Pandemic Period” was held at the Venice Palace by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association.

In his speech at the opening of the event, Livio Manzini said that Turkey and Italy are making efforts to ensure peace and stability in the current geography and that they are two allied countries that cooperate in this field.

Pointing out that Italy is one of the countries that strongly and visibly supports Turkey’s EU benevolence process, Manzini said, “Italy and Turkey, which are located in the same geography, have historically acted and are conscious that social, cultural and economic unity is necessary for the common interest of both countries.”


Expressing that there is a natural cooperation between Italy and Turkey and that this cooperation forms the story of international joint successes today, Manzini said:

“We are talking about a trade volume that will exceed $20 billion this year. This is also a historical peak. Although the total trade volume of other countries is larger than Italy, it is not as balanced and healthy as the Italian foreign trade balance. Likewise, this $20 billion trade volume with Italy consists of roughly $10 billion in imports and $10 billion in exports. This shows how balanced, healthy and deep the trade relations between the two countries are, and how interconnected their supply chains are.”


Massimo Gaiani, the Italian Ambassador to Ankara, said that they have seen many positive developments in relations with Turkey and that an atmosphere of trust has been established between Italy and Turkey for a long time.

Pointing out that there are many opportunities for bilateral trade relations after the epidemic, Gaiani said, “Turkey is a truly positive partner. There is a real sense of trust between Italy and Turkey in the political and economic field. The support given by the Turkish state to companies in terms of exports is very important. We have once again understood the importance of transformation and technology in the pandemic.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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