Hepsiburada started to sell technology products via Hepsiexpress service

In October 2019, CarrefourSA and Hepsiburada entered the delivery market instantly with Hepsiexpress service. After the delivery of the supermarket products, Hepsiburada, which cooperated with McDonald’s, added the option of ordering food to the Hepsiexpress service.

According to the statement of Hepsiburada, Hepsiexpress has added the “Tekno” option to the stores included in the service. As the name suggests, the Tekno store will feature technology-oriented products. The technology products in question are expected to be delivered to customers within 2 hours.

For now, only iPhone 11 model is included in Tekno Market store of Hepsiexpress. The 64 GB iPhone 11 model is available for sale at Hepsiexpress’s Tekno Market with a price tag of ₺ 7 thousand 499.

The same model is currently sold in Hepsiburada too with a price tag of ₺ 7 thousand 50 within the scope of Legend Friday discounts. In short, the iPhone 11 sold in Hepsiexpress’s Tekno Market store is available for sale without any discount.

It will not be a surprise that different products and brands will take place in the Tekno Market store in the future.

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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