Harvesting of garlic, which is a natural antibiotic, has begun in Gaziantep

Harvesting of Araban garlic started in Gaziantep. Due to the increase in demand in the pandemic, production was also increased. Araban garlic planted this year is expected to meet 30% of Turkey’s needs.

The proprietary Araban garlic, grown in Gaziantep’s Araban plain, was in high demand due to the pandemic.

With the increase in the price, the farmers planted garlic in more areas this year. The garlic, which was cultivated on an area of approximately 15 thousand decares last year, was planted on 35 thousand decares this year.


Araban’s garlic, which meets 25% of Turkey’s need, finds buyers all over the country.

Sait Ozis, the farmer who planted 500 decares of garlic, stated that they started the harvest of green garlic and said, “We started the harvest of green garlic. After a week, the harvest will begin for the firiklik garlic. Green garlic is used in cooking. It is both delicious and healthy. We had planted on the 15th of the 9th month. We are starting the harvest.”

Stating that the harvest of table-dried garlic will begin on May 5th, Ozis said, “We first harvest our garlic. Then we peel it one by one. Then it is lined up on the rope. After being tied, we load it on the tractor and wash it in water. We send it to places that place an order. We send it all over Turkey.”


Hasan Altun, the head of the Araban Chamber of Agriculture, wished that the garlic harvest would be beneficial for the farmers and said, “Our farmers started the first firiklik garlic harvest in Araban today. I wish our farmers a prosperous year.”

Altun, This year our garlic is of higher quality compared to last year because the climate was favorable. He used the expression “It was hot and garlic likes hot weather”.


Stating that Araban garlic will meet 30% of Turkey’s needs, Altun said, “We start the planting of garlic at the beginning of the 9th month. Harvesting starts in the 5th month. Our specialty is that we have the first harvest in Turkey. it will be with us in the first planting. Half-firiklik harvest has begun now. The table garlic harvest will begin at the beginning of the month. Last year, 15-20 thousand acres of garlic were planted, and this year 35-40 acres of garlic were planted. The reason is to meet the high demand. Because garlic is a natural antibiotic for everything. We are sending garlic to 81 provinces of Turkey. This year, we will meet 30% of Turkey’s garlic need.”

Farmer Mustafa Korkmaz stated that he planted 400 acres of garlic and said he was satisfied with the yield. He underlined that the harvest has started today and that garlic is ready for the table now.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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