Gumbel Group aims to invest $15 million in Turkey’s solar energy

Ankara-based energy company Gumbel Group Chairman Mustafa Herdem stated that they plan to invest $15 million in the solar energy sector this year.

Gumbel Group Chairman Mustafa Herdem told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they are only involved in the solar energy sector as a company and that they operate at every stage of the industry, from contracting to establishment, from R&D activities to production.

Reminding that 9 thousand 440 megawatts of applications have been received for the mini Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA) competitions to be held to create 1000 megawatts of solar energy capacity in 36 different cities of Turkey’s 36 Herdem said, “This capacity is very important in terms of showing Turkey’s solar energy potential and the appetite of the investor. Even if the tender of 1000 megawatts is concluded, 8 thousand 440 megawatts remaining from the applications remain idle. In this scale, the investor potential needs to be evaluated.”

Herdem stated that since 2013, work has been continuing to shape the solar energy sector in Turkey and that the investor is following all the changes closely.

“The solar energy sector in Turkey is quite dynamic. In addition to panel installations, production doors have also opened for companies operating in this field, this sector is developing and taking shape. Moreover, in 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources paved the way for solar energy installation on roofs. This triggered an increase in demand. However, we also want free market conditions to work in this sector. For example, if the Renewable Energy Trade Agreements (YETA) trade is released, there will be applications for 2 thousand megawatts roofs today. This is repeated every year. It develops very rapidly. Let’s put a model that will allow the investor of people who are hesitant to install solar panels on their roof and will pave the way for selling electricity to the roof owner through the investor. In another model, YEKA can get a solar energy generation license without incentives and tenders in free-market conditions. All of these contribute to the sector, increase employment and investments.”

Technology improves, efficiency increases

Herdem stated that the demand for solar energy and the production of solar equipment continues to increase all over the world.

Stating that as a result, solar installation costs have decreased and competitive solar energy markets have been formed, Herdem said, “International research has shown that for 2020, the sun is the world’s cheapest source of electricity generation in history on earth. In addition to climate change and global warming discussions, the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) has also added a new dimension to clean energy discussions around the world. Consumption of electricity at the place where it is produced contributes positively to infrastructure and production. The sun has also become an important resource in this respect. As a company, we follow these developments and we are aware of the potential. For this purpose, we have accelerated our activities and investments in countries such as Macedonia, Kosovo and Algeria, as well as Turkey. We made an application with a capacity of 20 megawatts for the 1000-megawatt mini YEKA competitions, and we plan to invest $15 million in the solar energy sector this year, except for YEKA.”

Solar tracking system

Herdem also gave information about the solar tracking system created with 100% domestic software in the R&D unit within the company.

Stating that, thanks to the solar tracking system, the electricity that would normally be produced can be increased from 100 units to 125 units, Herdem continued as follows:

“With the panels with this device and software in the average of Turkey, it provides electricity production with 25% more efficiency. It is a system that exists in the world. We also worked in the R&D center of Gumbel Energy. We have a factory of 6 thousand 400 square meters in Temelli Organized Industrial Zone, and we also produced it in that factory. We started bidding for sale. Our aim is to produce electricity from solar energy at a high rate under all conditions.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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