Goose production has been increased 100 times in 4 years with Turkey’s support

After working in the construction industry in Germany for many years, Edip Yildirim from Elazig, who returned to his hometown and established a goose farm, increased the gosling production 100 times in 4 years with the support of Turkey.

Yildirim, 48, the father of 3, who went to Germany in 1992 from the village of Tepebag in the Kovancilar district of Elazig, worked in the construction industry for 25 years, returned to his hometown 4 years ago and established a goose farm with a state-of-the-art hatchery upon President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call for expatriates to “invest in Turkey”.

Despite establishing a high-capacity hatchery, Yildirim raised 1500 goslings for trial purposes in the first year, and increased his production with the grant support provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Yildirim turned his farm into an integrated facility that produces 150 thousand goslings per year.

The goslings produced at the facility are given to the contracted farm owners who want to breed goose in the region within the scope of the “contracted production model” put into practice this year.

After 5 months of maintenance and feeding in the farms, the geese brought to slaughter are taken back at the determined unit price. After slaughtering in the established modern slaughterhouse, the meat will be packaged and sold in Turkey and sold abroad.

“We will bring the contract farming model to Turkey”

Yildirim told Anadolu Agency (AA) that while he was planning to set up his own business in Germany with the experience and knowledge he gained in the construction industry, he invested in his hometown upon the call of President Erdogan.

Stating that they started production a year later in the farm where he laid the foundation in his village in 2016 after the feasibility study, Yildirim stated that they increased their production 100 times in 4 years. He said, “Our next target is to reach the figure of 500 thousand.”

Yildirim stated that with the increase in their production capacity, they implemented the contracted production model.

Explaining that they have received gosling requests from many entrepreneurs who want to do breeding, they mostly prefer farms that are wet and have plenty of green areas, Yildirim said:

“They want goslings from all over Turkey, especially from the Black Sea Region, where there is a lot of green space. Our farmers, who have green areas from Samsun Terme, Amasya Suluova to Rize and Edirne, want to do contract breeding with us. We want to respond to these by increasing our capacity every year. We are developing the contract farming model. We will bring this to Turkey, we are determined. We will make goose breeding a sector.”

Aiming to export abroad

Noting that in recent years, they have also received goose meat demands from restaurant owners in big cities who want to offer their customers different flavors, Yildirim noted that they are working to meet these needs.

He said, “We have established Turkey’s largest integrated goose breeding farm in the sector, which we entered as a small business.”

Expressing that they want to export the goose meat they produce, Yildirim said, “We will sell our meat to Arab countries in particular. We will provide a significant foreign currency inflow and added value to our district of Kovancilar, and we are determined in this. I hope we will produce 1 million and more in the next stage with our contracted farmers. We will feed the quality goose meat grown in Turkey to the Europeans.”

Explaining that they use Mast geese brought from Germany in production, Yildirim pointed out that their meat and egg yields are quite high. Yildirim said that they achieved German standards in egg and meat yield.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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