General Manager of HSBC: Turkey will be a center of attraction with the investments

Selim Kervanci, General Manager of HSBC Turkey, stated that Turkey will be a center of attraction in terms of investment in every field. He said that they have established a financing bridge for Turkey and have provided $5.2 billion of financing in the last 1.5 years.

Underlining that Turkey will become a center of attraction in terms of investments in every field with its strong infrastructure, qualified human resources and strategic location after the pandemic, HSBC Turkey General Manager Selim Kervanci said, “We foresee that our country will become a more important trade center and its importance in global supply chain management will increase.” Stating that they will continue to support the local and international transactions of their customers in Turkey with their international network and knowledge, Kervanci said, “We will continue to support our customers, who aim to expand their business, in catching international opportunities that will arise in trade, investment and project finance activities.”


Pointing out that as HSBC Turkey, they increased the loans extended to their customers by 49% in 2020, Kervanci said, “We tripled our government bond investments. We continued to support both our customers and our economy. Our support to the economy is not limited to the loans we give from our own balance sheet. At the same time, we act as an intermediary for the sustainable growth of companies and institutions in Turkey with alternative products and financing that they can obtain from foreign markets. We are building a financial bridge for our country with our international power. In this context, we facilitated the provision of more than $3.8 billion in financing to our customers through Eurobond transactions, country credit (ECA) and Murabaha financing transactions carried out in 2020. In the first half of 2021, we increased this figure to over $5.2 billion.”


“We, as HSBC Turkey, work like Turkey’s investment ambassadors,” said Kervanci, and continued his words as follows: “We tell fund managers, international organizations and our customers how attractive it is to invest in Turkey in the long run. Turkey’s strategic location, dynamic market, qualified workforce and economic potential offer important opportunities for international investors who think long-term and make investments. We contribute to the Turkish economy by bringing different financing models to our country that can be used in investments.”


Underlining that Turkey has come to the fore in many areas, Kervanci continued his words as follows: “Turkey has taken steps to strengthen its supply chain resilience. It has implemented support packages. It has implemented training programs to train qualified workforce in areas that will be needed in the post-pandemic world. These steps will contribute to the strengthening of Turkey’s position as Europe’s supply base and to the sustainable growth of the economy. We foresee that Turkey may increase its share in international trade in the coming period. This expectation is based on the following factors: The geographical location of our country, being at the center of international logistics networks, the smooth functioning of the supply chain even in the epidemic, the capacity to respond to emergencies, a robust health system and crisis management skills. These factors distinguish our country from other countries in a positive way.”


Reminding that the MENAT Region (Middle East, North Africa, Turkey), which includes Turkey, is predicted to become one of the fastest-growing regions of the world in the next ten years, with the recovery in the national economies and international trade, in this context Kervanci said that the MENAT Region is one of the regions that HSBC Group focuses on for growth. Kervanci said, “As HSBC Turkey, we focus on both the acquisition of new customers in line with our strategy and the expansion of our working areas with our existing customers in the field of Corporate and Global Banking.” Kervanci said that while increasing the number of customers they serve in retail banking, they aim to make HSBC the main bank of their customers with their expertise in savings management and services of private banking quality.


Underlining that sustainable finance is another important issue for them, Kervanci said, “We continue our efforts to increase sustainable finance practices in the banking sector in Turkey without slowing down. In this context, we have mediated the provision of more than $2 billion in sustainable finance to our customers since 2020. In line with our sustainability strategy, we also aim to expand our retail banking solutions. We launched our Eco-Friendly Vehicle Loan product for our customers who want to own electric or hybrid vehicles in order to reduce their environmental impact. In addition, we are working on a sustainability-themed fund. We are also working on the green deposit product on the Corporate Banking side.”


Underlining that HSBC has intensified communication to support its customers during the pandemic period, Kervanci said, “Our frequency of meeting with customers in 2020 quadrupled compared to 2019. We offered credit and credit card payment deferral and installment options for our individual customers who have difficulty in payment. We have provided uninterrupted support to the growth of our corporate customers.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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