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Gaziantep Licensed Pistachio Storage starts accepting harvest products

Ahmet Tiryakioğlu, the president of Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Market, said that they finished constructing the Licensed Pistachio Storehouse and also the Meat Market; these are located in Gaziantep Organized Industry Zone (GATEM). He also stated that they started giving the title deeds to the right holder butchers of the Meat Market which is constructed on 30 thousand square meters of space.

Tiryakioğlu emphasized that both of the two projects have broke new grounds regarding their sectors and he mentioned:

‘’The strategic importance of agriculture and livestock is well understood during the pandemic. These projects provide security of supply and they will improve Gaziantep position out of its league. Licensed Pistachio Storehouse holds a position as the first licensed storehouse in Turkey. Pistachio is our national and cultural product; hence the increase in it’s production, benefits to the producers and added-value to the pistachio industry are very important for us. In this sense, we evaluate the licensed storehouse as an important investment.

The storehouse will serve in cooperation with İpekyolu Development Agency and it will accept this year’s harvest with the assurance of the state. The state will provide a healthy and safe storage along with providing licensed storekeepers, merchants and industrialists with transportation and storage rent. ‘’

Tiryakioğlu also added that the storage has a capacity of 10 thousand tons of physical storage and has qualifications such as classifying the product in the lab, storing according to the variety of the product; it will also provide easy business and loan contract from banks via electronic product bills.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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