Gaziantep export gradually recovers from the pandemic

According to the Turkish Exporters Union, Gaziantep has maintained it’s position as the Turkey’s 5th most exporting province with 605 million 430 thousand dollars export in August. Export/import coverage ratio is 144.9 percent in Gaziantep; the most exported products are textiles and raw materials, cereals-pulses, oily seeds and products, carpets, chemicals, wood and forestry products in August.

Gaziantep, which increased its exports by 9.4 percent in August compared to August 2019. made 4 billion 779 million 106 thousand dollars of export in the previous 8 months of the year. Gaziantep made 4 billion 829 million 713 thousand dollars of export in the January-August period of 2019; the periodic basis of the city decreased by 1 percent. Export numbers of Gaziantep are especially decreased in the pandemic period; yet a swift recovery is seen within the normalization period.

’’We are in recovery period right now.’’

Adnan Unverdi, the president of Gaziantep Industry Chamber (GSO) stated that the recovery in export still continues in spite of the negativities, he said:

‘’ I give my sincere regards to exporting and manufacturing industrialists, exporters and workers in the pandemic period. Pandemic affected Gaziantep negatively just as it did everywhere; yet we are in recovery period right now and we expect this recovery period to gain acceleration. We will continue to produce, export, employ and add value to our country by taking all the measures. Hopefully, our export will gain additional values both in monthly and annual basis soon.’’

Unverdi emphasized that the Gaziantep success also encouraged the other cities, he said:

‘’When we examine the top 10 exporting provinces in August, we see that Gaziantep has a different value; so much, where as Kayseri exports increased by 12.4 percent, Gaziantep by 9.4 percent, Denizli by 3.7 percent, Manisa by 2.1 percent and Ankara by 1.5 percent, unfortunately, other provinces’ decreased. Gaziantep has maintained it’s recovery since June and hopefully this situation will continue in the same way for all 81 provinces.’’

Tuncay Yildirim, the president of Gaziantep Trade Chamber (GTO) also stated that they successfully maintain the recovery period. Yildirim mentioned that the detailed examination of Gaziantep export data is necessary, he said:

‘’ When analyzed periodically, our exports decreased by 2.2 percent in the first 7 months compared to the same period of 2019, while this decrease is 1 percent in the 8-month period; this means we are doing great. We plan to meet the deficit and break a new export record by the end of the year.’’

Yildirim emphasized that it is important to develop and discover export markets in Gaziantep, he said:

‘’ We have made many operations for the export markets. As GTO, we continue our efforts to open new doors to our exporters, to create new opportunities and to explore new markets. Bulgaria market is the next; our members will examine the country and it’s opportunities. Then, we will have an organization regarding the Africa market. We plan to improve the export capacity of Gaziantep.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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