Future of Digitalization in Transportation and Infrastructure, Turkish airlines AI chatbot

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, representative and managers of transportation and infrastructure industry came together for the online session ‘’Future of Digitalization in Transportation and Infrastructure summit’’.

In the session whose moderator was the journalist Hakan Çelik, the board chairman of Turkish Airlines (THY) İlker Aycı said:

‘‘Digitalization has a great importance for airlines. THY is one of the first companies that participated in the transition to digitalised booking system. We will start an artificial intelligence that is based on chatbot and named Al in the next month. The clients that call demanding to buy tickets will start buying their tickets via Al and be able change their reservations in this new digital world. We will be launching it on July.”

Aycı reminding that airlines started selling online tickets in 2000s with proliferation of the online commerce, added:

‘’According to the transaction volumes of virtual pos in 2000s, the websites of airlines became the most commonly used. After 2010, with social media and mobile applications in our lives, the new platforms stepped in.’’

Aycı also stated that airline companies have developed themselves in the case of a direct communication with a client and also have covered a distance in the digital optimization and transition to digitalised business model.

‘’We try to provide an advantage via digital applications’’

Aycı, mentioned the benefits of digitalisation :

”Digital optimization actually means supply of productivity and lower cost, thus; providing every single costumer with fast and individual solutions.

The transition to digitalised business model provides a significant alteration in the company’s business manner, products and services and more.

Similar to our rivals, we also try to create an advantage by using digital applications in travel planning, outlets, loyalty schemes and more.’’

‘’We had a huge success in air cargo.’’

Avcı said that after the Covid-19 epidemic, they had to work from home and support the cargo operations digitally throughout the epidemic; what’s more, due to their advanced substructure and former steps to digitalisation; they had no problem distantly managing the company.

‘’ By moving us from the eighth to fifth in the world rank of air cargo and increasing our market share to 5 percent; air cargo was a huge success.’’

Beginning of the passenger transportation

Avcı also stated THY’s aims and successes:

‘’ With the start of the passenger transportation, we are aiming to have a fast increase trend. We are the first to reach 400 cruises a day among the Eurocontrol airline companies. We obtained this fast comeback due to the long standing investments and our well managed data processing platforms.

As you know, we are the greatest companies in our sectors, and we have a one more mission; empowering our ecosystem by providing start-up businesses to develop. We need to create an ecosystem that will lead up to new solutions and businesses via the cooperation of public and private sectors, an ecosystem that will provide digital solutions not only from in-house but also from outsource if it is necessary.

In this sense, we created the THY System of Station; we wait for all these start-up businesses to get in the THY world with the launching of this system. We try to provide them with an environment where they can create solutions.’’

‘’We are companies that are followed.’’

Kadri Samsunlu, the CEO of the Istanbul Airport (İGA), said that:

”We are productively using the robotic solutions that are in demand worldwide. The innovative solutions that are used in İstanbul Airport, will automatically be accepted in other markets.

During the epidemic, İGA and a techno park company developed a product that is related to cleaning of a baggage via ultraviolent and is supported by TUBITAK. We developed this product in a month and now, it is purchased more than 100 times in Turkey and abroad, furthermore; it is purchased not just for the purpose of using at the airports also at shopping malls and hospitals.

İGA and THY are Turkish companies that are followed. The technologies created in our platform are always a reference. In this sense; digitalization of a product and services, will provide a significant advantage to Turkey.”

Smart cameras in İstanbul Airport

Samsunlu emphazising the importance of video analytical solution, said:

‘’Video streaming has gained importance worldwide with the Covid-19, thus the investments regarding video streaming should be accelerated.

Smart cameras are following many spots in İstanbul Airport via video analytical solution. We present facilitator solutions to our shareholders via smart cameras.

For example; parking to a handicapped car park is a huge problem in Turkey; yet, we solved it in the airport via smart cameras determining the negligent’s licence tag or another example, the unclaimed baggages which are the biggest safety issue, yet we catch them also via smart cameras and in both cases police interferes. The parking lots in the ramp are specified; we also determine incorrectly parked cars at the airside. The authorities that are in the airside warn ground operations about situations like that.”

‘’The number of technology companies should be increased.’’

Samsunlu, regarding the aviation industry, revealed that:

‘’There should be Turkish businesses that can compete with world. If you start such businesses by utilizing the human resources and providing better service for the clients, there will be a lot of minor technology companies not just major companies like İGA, THY or TAV (Tepe Akfen vie) in aviation industry. These technology companies will start selling products, exporting their services worldwide.’’

Oğuz Alper Öktem, the CEO of Martı Technology Company, also said that their innovative solution that they served for the use of pedestrians is in demand and they are planning to develop in Turkey.

source: AA/ translated by Bazaar Team

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