Foreign investors return to Borsa Istanbul

Foreign investors, who have turned their way to Turkey since the last week of April, completed the last 5 weeks in the stock market and the last 4 weeks in the bond-bill market with uninterrupted purchases.

In the week between 12-21 May, foreigners bought $51 million of stocks and $174.8 million of bonds and bills. With $225.8 million on a weekly basis, it was the highest foreign inflow since March.

On a weekly basis, the highest foreign inflow was realized in the week of 18 December 2020 with $1.9 billion, while the week in which foreign investors made the most sales was the week of 26 March with $1.9 billion.


Foreign investors made net purchases in the stock market in all 5 weeks between April 16 and May 21. The net purchase amount in this period was $326.4 million.

Foreigners made uninterrupted purchases of bonds and bills in the 4 weeks between April 30 and May 21. In these 4 weeks, $350 million of debt securities were purchased.

Total foreign inflow in the last 4 weeks was $570 million. He pointed out that the current levels and the price/earnings ratios of companies in Borsa Istanbul are more than 50% discounted compared to the markets of similar countries.

Analysts are of the opinion that foreign inflows will accelerate with the rapid growth of the economy in the first and second quarters and the expected decline in inflation.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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