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Floating islands of Lake Zökün to become tourism hotspot

Floating islands in Lake Zökün, located in the Tortum district of the eastern province of Erzurum, are set to be added to Turkey’s plethora of tourism hotspots.

“A tourist facility, walking tracks, an observation terrace and parking lots will be constructed near the lake so that tourists can see the six floating islands,” Oktay Güven, the secretary-general of the Northeastern Anatolia Development Agency (KUDAKA), told Demirören News Agency on April 4.

Lake Zökün is five kilometers from the center of Tortum and some 55 kilometers from the province’s center.

The plan oversees the construction of a tourist facility that will be finished in a year and will cost around 4.5 million Turkish Liras ($551,000).

“The plan belongs to the local municipality,” said Güven, adding, “With the start of tourism in the area, locals’ income will increase. Officials already started constructing the road to the lake.”

The plan includes cooperation with local producers to obtain local goods to be sold at the facility’s restaurant.

Around 1 million local and international tourists visited Erzurum in 2019.

Erzurum, a city dating back to antiquity and that has hosted several civilizations throughout history, has recently become a popular tourist hotspot due to its internationally acknowledged ski resorts, alongside its historical sites.


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