Flight tickets, bus tickets and hotels offered in one easy app, ENUYGUN

ENUYGUN mobile application offers flight, bus tickets and hotel service to the users within the latest update; it is the only application to have all those services on one platform in Turkey. According to the statement of, the company still carries out the technological investments. ENUYGUN application focuses on the customer experience with the latest update where all travel needs and post-purchase support can be met through a single application.

‘’We are revolutionizing the booking sector.’’

Ozge Besirli, the Chief Green Officer of stated that they implemented innovative works in the sector in order to improve and optimize user experience in mobile channels and add new products. Besirli said:

‘’ We are focusing on facilitating the life of our customers. Within our motto ‘One application for all travel needs’, we added new hotel service to the ENUYGUN mobile application. Our users will be able to find the hotel they are looking for and make their reservations, as well as finding flight and bus tickets from anywhere and at any time thanks to the renewed ENUYGUN mobile application; customers will be able to use the application and see their reservations easily by clicking on different tabs. Apart from these features, we continue to focus on making our users’ lives easier with our perspective on innovation and technology. Different operations will also be planned for the near future. We have been developing and revolutionizing the online travel industry with our innovations since the day we were founded.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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