Five-in-one investment tools from Kuveyt Turk: TradePlus

Kuveyt Turk offers investment instruments such as stocks, investment funds, lease certificates, gold-silver and foreign currency to its customers with the TradePlus mobile application.

According to the bank statement, Kuveyt Turk continues to make the lives of its customers easier with the products and services it develops. Offering five investment instruments to its customers with the TradePlus mobile application, Kuveyt Turk offers its customers a good customer experience everywhere with instant market data.

In the statement, Kuveyt Turk Deputy General Manager for Treasury and International Banking Dr. Ahmet Albayrak stated that they gathered all interest-free treasury investment products on a single platform with TradePlus.

Albayrak stated that they increase the quality of the services they provide to their customers day by day with technology and innovation-oriented studies. “With TradePlus, all our individual or corporate customers can easily track investment products such as mutual funds, stocks, Sukuk (lease certificates), foreign exchange, gold and silver, trade at instant prices and place buy and sell orders. In addition, with instant market data, visual news, economic calendar, advanced chart technology and technical analysis tools, TradePlus has become a digital investment center that provides quality service whenever our customers need it.”

You can navigate within the application without logging in

Noting that everyone, whether a Kuveyt Turk customer or not, can obtain detailed information about the products and markets without logging into the TradePlus mobile application, Ahmet Albayrak said:

‘We have made significant investments to enable customers to access a wide range of products more easily and securely in the capital and commodity markets. We aim to add value to the savings of our customers with the products and services we offer. TradePlus, which we started to offer the opportunity to navigate within the application without logging in, will provide an even better customer experience with valuable features and services in the future.’

Within the scope of the products and services offered by TradePlus, in mutual funds, customers can diversify their portfolios with participation-based funds according to their risk and return preferences, and can evaluate their savings without any maturity restrictions. Moreover, with funds based on short-term lease certificates, they can also benefit from the opportunity to return to cash 24/7 within certain limits.

In stocks, customers can buy and sell stocks based on the Participation Index, adding value to their investments with instant price data, advanced graphics and market news.

In Sukuk (Lease Certificates), on the other hand, savings can be invested in Sukuk products according to maturity preference, and lease certificates issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and Kuveyt Turk can be easily traded.

Customers can also perform gold, silver and foreign exchange transactions at advantageous rates 24 hours a day, every weekday. They can order trades, set alarms and analyze with professional graphics.

Those who are not Kuveyt Turk customers can also download Tradeplus and start using it with all its features. With the “Become a Customer” button, they can perform their investment transactions after they become a Kuveyt Turk customer. Stock data can be followed instantly, access to share details and graphics can be provided. Price and news alerts can be set. While the entire portfolio can be viewed on a single screen in Tradeplus, the market can be followed and shared with visual and categorized news and economic calendar.

While advanced graphic technology and technical analysis tools can be used for precious metals and foreign exchange products, since TradePlus works integrated with current accounts, transactions are reflected in the customer’s current account.

It can be downloaded to all smartphones from the TradePlus App Store, Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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