Fish process & packaging facility to be established in Sinop

Within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, a fish processing and packaging facility is established in Sinop, one of Turkey’s most important fishing cities, at a cost of €10.5 million.

Within the scope of the “Increasing the Competitiveness of Strong Sectors in Sinop Project” carried out by the North Anatolian Development Agency (KUZKA), the place allocation ceremony was held for the facility to be financed and implemented within the framework of financial cooperation with the European Union and Turkey.

In his speech at the signing ceremony at the Governorship Meeting Hall, Governor Erol Karaomeroglu said that with the project, which started in 2012, it is aimed to transform Sinop into a center of attraction in the area of aquaculture.

Emphasizing that the project was presented to the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2014 and deserved support, Karaomeroglu said:

“Following the approval of the project description document in 2018, the tender preparation works started. In 2020, consultancy and construction tenders were held in Ankara. The facility to be established with the project is one of the largest budget investments made in the province of Sinop in the last 30 years. The site delivery of our project, which is planned to be completed in about 30 months, was made to the contractor firm by the firm that won the consultancy tender. We expect the facility, whose foundation will be laid in Sinop OIZ, to be completed in 18 months. Technical assistance activities will continue for the remaining 12 months of the project. We expect our facility to be completed and put into service of the aquaculture industry in the middle of 2023.”

KUZKA Secretary-General Dr. Serkan Genc pointed out that the Black Sea has a very important place in fishing.

Pointing out that 70-80% of the total seafood fishing in Turkey after 2000 was provided from the Black Sea, Genc said:

“In the first step of our project, a facility for processing, freezing, and storing fishery products will be built in an area of approximately 20 decares in Sinop Organized Industrial Zone. Businesses operating in the Black Sea Region, especially in our Sinop province, will benefit from the common use facility established with the project and increase their competitive power. We will increase the number of products that can be commercialized in aquaculture with the facility that will contribute to the improvement of the production and market conditions of the enterprises and to ensure integration with existing and possible markets.”

After the speeches, the area where the facility will be built, where the processed 3 thousand tons of fish can be kept in warehouses at the same time, which will cost €10.5 million, was allocated to the relevant company.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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