Final seminars of the European Union Erasmus Plus CNC CAD-CAM projects was held

The training project, which will provide a holistic view of CNC, CAD and CAM applications, which are the three application languages required by the industry, is implemented in partnership with 8 institutions from 6 countries, including three institutions from Turkey. Students who receive training in 3 application languages will also meet the qualified personnel needs of the industrial sector.

The training program project, in which CNC, CAD and CAM applications, which are needed in the industrial sector, will be given together, is being implemented under the coordination of Basaksehir Vocational Training Center. The project has the feature of being the best Vocational Education project selected among the European Union Innovation projects, to which all institutions in Turkey applied and only 13 projects were accepted.

It is known that the fact that CNC, CAD and CAM applications, which are the three application languages ​​required by the industry in educational institutions, are not given together with a holistic view, causes significant distances between the Education sector and the Industry sector. Students who know only one application language can be used as cheap labor in enterprises. With the education project that will provide 3 application languages ​​together, students will have the opportunity to be employed in the sector very easily.

The first of the international final seminars of the European Union Erasmus Plus CNC CAD-CAM project was held. Many educators, students and industry representatives attended the seminar held for the promotion of the Digital CNC CAD-CAM Education platform. With the project, people in the machining industry will have detailed information on CNC CAD-CAM applications with 160 days of online training. Participants who complete the platform will be awarded an ECVET-defined certificate recognized all over Europe.

Mehmet Cicek, the coordinator of the project, said, “Our project lasted for about 3 years. Currently, our project has been completed. We have partners from countries such as Spain and Germany in this project. We propose an alternative curriculum in the field of machinery sector to all institutions in Turkey and Europe. You will be able to receive training or information on these materials we make through our online platform.”


Basaksehir Vocational Training Center Manager Salih Gunes said, “We want to present the CNC, CAD and CAM steps to the people in the industry online. Our project is published in 7 languages in Europe. At the end of 160 hours of training, students or people in the sector will become qualified.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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