Fast Delivery Industry Leader Is PackUpp

According to the “Excellent Customer Satisfaction” results prepared by the Sikayetvar platform, PackUpp was by far the leader of the “Fast Delivery Category”, which was opened for the first time this year.

In the “Fast Delivery” sector, which is indispensable for online and e-commerce shopping with the pandemic, the “Excellent Customer Satisfaction” third-quarter results for 2021 have been announced. According to the results announced by Sikayetvar, PackUpp was named “The Fastest Delivery Company with the Highest Customer Experience Index Score” in the category opened for the first time this year.

Ridvan Gocemen, Co-Founder and COO of PackUpp said, “We owe our strong technological and digital infrastructure and our customer relations management team the 93.7% Satisfaction Level Index score that we achieved in a short time, ahead of all our competitors, in the fast delivery category opened for the first time this year by Sikayetvar.” Then he continued his words as follows: “Delivery is one of the most important parameters that increase the customer experience in e-commerce shopping and gain customer loyalty to companies. In addition to the fast delivery of the products during the delivery process, the users also attach great importance to the behavior of the drivers who make the delivery and being solution-oriented, to follow their packages live on the map instantly during the delivery, and to quickly solve the problems they experience during the delivery process with the delivery on the promised day. In fact, delivery is an experience that will determine the next behavior of the consumer and their appetite for purchasing from the same site in e-commerce and online shopping. At PackUpp, where customer satisfaction is the most important factor, we minimize potential problems by taking precautionary measures, as our technology is focused on maximum customer satisfaction and the highest service quality. Customer relations managers provide the fastest support to the customers’ problems, even if they are minor. The dynamic and proactive work of our teams in synergy in solving the problems in operational processes also brings success.”

Possible delays in delivery are eliminated with PackUpp technology

Stating that PackUpp technology eliminates possible problems in delivery processes, Gocemen said, “Our drivers carry out all our field operations through digital channels through our application that we developed with the latest technology and which is completely our own. The software we have provides speed and convenience to the business process not only of our customers but also of the delivery teams.” Gocemen said PackUpp technology optimizes the delivery route of the drivers with many algorithms and optimizations and plans according to the address and delivery type. Thanks to this digital infrastructure, we prevent possible delays in delivery with almost all types of vehicles, such as motorcycles, minivans, panel vans, pickup trucks, trucks, lorries, etc.”, he added saying that tens of thousands of positive comments shared by the buyers after the deliveries made them happy.

Gocemen said, “We are happy to be the pioneer of digitalization in delivery and customer satisfaction in Turkey. In our country where e-commerce is growing so fast and digitalization penetration is happening so fast, consumers now expect online shopping packages to be delivered with fast, traceable, secure, and digitalized services. We are happy and proud to be the best company in Turkey’s Fast Delivery field that meets the needs of our customers with the service we provide.”

PackUpp offers its services in 4 different markets

PackUpp, which offers Next-Day, Same-Day and 3-Hour Express delivery services with “Live Tracking the Driver” and “Leave it to My Neighbor” features that provide convenience to the buyers, gathers these services under 4 main headings for the needs of its customers. “PackUpp Delivery” for the delivery of packages by e-commerce sites, “PackUpp Dedicated” where a private label dedicated field delivery team can be established for companies preferred by supermarket and food/restaurant chains. “PackUpp Logistics” that provides delivery from the warehouse to the warehouse or from the warehouse to the stores in the city and between the cities. With “PackUpp Individual”, which enables individual shipments to reach in 3 hours, it serves many global brands such as Samsung, Dyson, Unilever, CarrefourSa, Decathlon, Skechers, Columbia, Disney, N11, Fox Media, Asics, Barbour, Little Ceasers and many strong national brands such as Eren Perakende, Karaca, Emsan, Damat, HD Pidem, Komagene, Gourmet Garage. While PackUpp continues to grow rapidly day by day, it also solidifies its leadership and leadership in the fast delivery sector with firm steps.

About PackUpp

PackUpp, which was established in 2019 by Semih Emre Ozcan and Ridvan Gocemen with completely domestic software and the latest technology for package delivery, is a new generation “Fast Delivery” delivery technology company. Digitizing all stages of the delivery process, PackUpp provides services to corporate companies and e-commerce sites in three different categories: “Next-Day Delivery”, “Same-Day Delivery” and “3 Hour Express”. PackUpp, which can also establish a private label special “Dedicated Field Driver Team” for companies, not only creates the motorized and vehicle field operation teams of the companies, but also provides the company’s state-of-the-art system infrastructure specific to package delivery. PackUpp, serving primarily in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Kocaeli, continues to work with global brands such as Samsung, Dyson, Unilever, Carrefoursa, Decathlon, Skechers, Columbia, Disney, N11, Fox Media and national brands such as Eren Perakende, Karaca Zuccaciye, Karaca Home, Emsan, Homend, Damat. PackUpp, which has the features of “Watch the Package Live on the Map” during the delivery process and “Leave it to My Neighbor”, which offers the buyer an alternative to address change, has a customer satisfaction rate of over 99% with the results of the satisfaction surveys conducted by the buyers after the delivery.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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