Fashion in e-commerce peaked during Covid-19 period

Fashion products ranked first in online shopping in the COVID-19 period. Electronics and cosmetics ranked second and third.

During the pandemic period, 80.4% of female consumers and 58.7% of men who shop online preferred fashion products. According to the data of the Competition Authority, while the use of e-commerce channels increased during the epidemic that started in March 2020, when the first case was seen in Turkey, the tendencies of female and male consumers differed. In this period, the trends and habits of consumers and sellers in e-commerce shaped the activities of the players in the sector. Fashion products ranked first in purchases that consumers shopped online during the epidemic process. Electronics and cosmetics and personal care followed this category. Other products preferred in the period since the beginning of the epidemic are home, life, office, home textile, book, food order, supermarket, health, medical products and nutritional supplements, food and beverages, flower orders, music, movies and hobby, sports, outdoor, auto spare parts and accessories, garden and construction market, toy entertainment and culture.


When consumer trends were evaluated by gender, male and female user preferences differed significantly according to fashion, cosmetics, personal care and electronics categories. In this period, 80.4% of female consumers shopped in the fashion category, while this rate was 58.7% for men.


In the ELECTRONIC category, the rate of women shopping was 33.9%, while the rate of men was 60.7%. In the cosmetics and personal care category, the rate of women shopping was 57%, while the rate of men shopping was 27.3%.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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