Exporters should receive ‘digital’ supports

TIM Mining Industry President Rustem Cetinkaya pointed out that digital marketing has come to the fore in international trade for sustainable exports and said, “Marketing supports given to exporting sectors should be updated.”

The mining sector, which achieved an export of $5 billion 398 million in the January-November period, focused on branding and structural reforms. Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Industry Council Mining Industry President Rustem Cetinkaya said that they want to close this year with exports of nearly $6 billion. Cetinkaya stated that digital marketing has come to the fore in international trade and that the marketing supports given to exporting sectors should be updated. Rustem Cetinkaya used the following statements on the subject: “Printed paperwork is getting less and less in the world. Digital marketing is now being done. Today, how valuable an athlete is is measured by his Instagram followers. So everything is in the digital world. But I think we are not up to date on digital promotional commodities as a country. Supports need to be updated further here. Conventional works will of course continue, but now it has to change its weight and budget. In order for your content to reach target audiences, significant budgets must be allocated.”


Emphasizing the importance of collective action in branding, Rustem Cetinkaya said, “Branding, the country’s branding culture, should be established as a social consciousness. As long as we do not act with this awareness, our spot promotion activities will be insufficient. Of course, our goal should be to produce high-tech products, but in terms of branding, Italy is the closest country to us in terms of production style and technology. They’re branding amazing. Wherever you go in the world, Italians have a very serious work on design. You can see these examples in every sector such as Italian cuisine, Italian textile, Italian chocolate. While the Germans produce value-added technological products, the Italians produce value-added brands. Turkey can do this, but for this we need to work collectively. It is a community consciousness and a cultural movement. People who will benefit from branding should be paved the way.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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