Evreka managed to get an investment of $2.2 million

Evreka, which designs digital waste management solutions by focusing on operational excellence in the waste management sector, received an investment of $2.2 million from Logo Ventures, Techone, TTGV and Farklabs.

Evreka, which works with waste management companies in more than 20 countries of the world for its management, achieved global growth by tripling its revenues and increasing its overseas revenues to 80% in 2021. The company received an investment of $2.2 million from Logo Ventures, Techone, TTGV and Farklabs. Evreka CEO Umutcan Duman, who stated that the investment they received is an important value brought to the waste management sector, said, “Our aim is to support our customers and solution partners in sustainability by providing the most efficient and high-tech waste management solutions.”


Evreka CEO Umutcan Duman said that by solving the problem of optimization and resource management in all areas of waste management, they expanded their product range and started to offer better solutions to their customers and collaborators. Duman noted that the increase in the productivity of the customers increased the interest in their products worldwide. Stating that they managed to attract the attention of innovation-oriented high-tech enterprises with the business strategies they implemented and the steps they took on an international scale, Duman stated that they received an investment of approximately $2.2 million. Duman said, “With the investment made by Logo Ventures, Techone, TTGV and Farklabs, our forward aim is to gain the status of the company that offers the most successful waste management solutions in the industry.” Explaining that the advanced technology waste management solutions developed by Evreka aroused interest in the sector, Duman noted that they contributed to the investment of original projects they plan to realize on the path of sustainability. Duman said that the investment they received will be a driving force to open up to new markets abroad.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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