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Eskisehir industry is now connected to ports by railway

After the departure of the first train from Hasanbey Logistics Centre to Kocaeli Derince Port, a protocol signing ceremony was held in the ESO Assembly Hall.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Erol Ayyildiz stated that the “Green Road Project”, which will enable Eskisehir to open up to the world, was made ecologically and environmentally compatible.

Kamuran Yazici the general manager of Turkish State Railway (TCDD) Transport Inc. stated that one of the biggest logistics centres of Turkey has been built to Eskisehir which is a very important production centre for railway industry.

Stating that Hasanbey Logistics Centre, where domestic and international freight transportation, distribution, storage, customs clearance and other services can be performed, has an area of ​​540 thousand square meters, Yazici said:

“It has an annual load carrying capacity of 1.5 million tons. Thanks to Eskisehir, it will be connected to all ports with railway connection.

Regular train services will be made between the logistics centre and the ports in Izmit Bay, and environmentally friendly, fast, economical and planned container transportation services will be provided to Eskisehir and regional industrialists.’’

A block train will depart from Eskisehir every week

Yazici stated that the cargoes will be transported to the whole world, especially to Europe, by train and ship combination, he said:

“In order to provide timely and uninterrupted containers to our industrialists, a container park will be created at the Hasanbey Logistics Centre and serve as a kind of dry port. Likewise, the import containers will be brought to the logistics centre by block container trains from the ports and distributed to the factories from here. Rail transportation will be started on the line, so containers loaded from Eskisehir without a second handling will be able to reach the Middle East, Central Asia and China by train.

It is planned that half of the annual 100 thousand containers of international transportation from Eskisehir, all of which is carried out with a combination of road and sea routes, will be transported by a combination of rail and sea routes. In the following years, with the increasing export potential of Eskisehir, it is anticipated that 100 thousand containers per year will be transported to ports by rail. In the first stage, a block train was planned, and in the following months, it will be carried out as a regular block train three days a week. “

Yazici emphasized that the industrialists will be provided with tariff advantages for domestic and international transportations from Hasanbey Logistics Centre and added that the 23 wagons of home appliances carried by the first train will be shipped to China.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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