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Esenyurt presents an exemplary urban transformation success story

Ozyurtlar Holding Chairman Tamer Ozyurt said, “Esenyurt transformed from a land to a metropolis, wrote a success story in urban transformation. We also pioneered this transformation with our projects.”

Ozyurtlar Holding Chairman Tamer Ozyurt stated that Esenyurt, which transformed from land into a metropolis, presented an exemplary urban transformation success story.

According to the statement made by Ozyurtlar Holding, Esenyurt underwent a major transformation with the renewal efforts initiated after the Izmit and Duzce earthquakes in 1999.

The urban transformation movement, which gained speed in the 2000s in the district, where unplanned urbanization was experienced before earthquakes, was driven by the new earthquake regulation. Risky buildings were demolished and renewed in accordance with the regulation. The regulation was also taken into account in the buildings built from scratch.

The population of the district, which does not exceed 100 thousand, has reached 1 million with the urban transformation activities carried out since those days.

“Turned into metropolis from land”

Tamer Ozyurt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ozyurtlar Holding, who took part in the statement, stated that Esenyurt, where he has been in for 32 years, is a great chance for Istanbul.

Ozyurt noted that Esenyurt, which transformed from the land to a metropolis, wrote a success story in urban transformation and that they were leading this transformation with their projects, made the following statements:

“Esenyurt, which was completely renewed after the Izmit and Duzce earthquakes, has undergone a comprehensive urban transformation process since those days. Risky buildings that caused unplanned urbanization were demolished and replaced by buildings in accordance with the regulation. People’s search for a safe life in the face of the earthquake directed the demand to Esenyurt. Before 1998, there was a population of around 100 thousand. Esenyurt is currently the most populous district in Istanbul with 1 million. This population came from the earthquake-prone areas of Istanbul. If it were not for Esenyurt, these people would still be in a struggle to live in their old risky buildings.”

Ozyurt explained that Esenyurt is differentiated between the districts of Istanbul due to its demographic characteristics, that it has a rising economy with its young and active population, and that it offers a cultural diversity with its cosmopolitan structure.

“Esenyurt should be promoted better”

Tamer Ozyurt talked about the advantages Esenyurt has in terms of population, economy, budget, culture and similar areas and stated that the district stands out with these features.

He said, “The only disadvantage of Esenyurt is that it is not marketed well. Esenyurt must first realize itself and its wealth. It should be marketed first to Istanbul and then to all of Turkey. As the greatest chance of Istanbul, the district should be evaluated very well. For this, a promotional attack should be started.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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