e-Commerce opens doors for local companies to become a national brand

While the number of businesses engaged in e-commerce in Turkey increased by 275% in 2020 with the effect of the measures taken in the Covid-19 outbreak, e-commerce platforms enabled small businesses to turn into national brands.

While the number of businesses engaged in e-commerce in Turkey increased by 275% with the effect of the measures taken against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, e-commerce platforms and new technology solutions opened the door for small businesses to turn into national brands. An example of this was Ankara’s Oze Kahve, which became famous for its flavored filter coffees.

According to the information compiled by the AA reporter, technological transformation has accelerated in many areas all over the world, especially with the effect of the Covid-19 outbreak. One of the areas where this situation was observed the most was the transition of the business world to e-commerce. In the epidemic period when social contact was reduced and restrictions deeply affected economic life, technological solutions in Turkey enabled small businesses to survive and even grow and evolve.

Last year, the global retail e-commerce volume increased by 23% to $4.3 trillion compared to the previous year, while it increased by 66% to ₺226.2 billion. Many SMEs met with e-commerce for the first time last year, especially thanks to the support and trainings of the Ministry of Commerce, and collaborations with intermediary service providers and global companies.

The number of businesses engaged in e-commerce in Turkey increased by 275% to 256 thousand 861 in 2020 with the effect of the measures taken against the Covid-19 outbreak. While businesses make a smooth transition to digital markets thanks to intermediary service providers, in Turkey 72% of businesses sell in just one marketplace and 14% in two marketplaces. Companies that market their products digitally with the support of these platforms and digital sales consultancy are writing success stories.

An example of this was the story of Oze Kahve, a company based in Ankara, which served locally before using e-commerce actively, to become a brand with its daily ground flavored filter coffees selling all over Turkey.

Started sales across Turkey with e-Commerce

Serhat Koyustu, Oze Coffee Partner and Business Development Specialist, told the story of the business to AA correspondent.

Stating that the company was founded entirely with domestic capital in 2011 and has been in trouble since the end of 2019, Koyustu said that he became a partner here in 2019. Koyustu reported that, despite the Covid-19 epidemic, they entered electronic commerce platforms with the right strategies and boutique productions.

Stating that they had previously progressed with a wholesale strategy and their products consumed in cafes were not recognized by consumers, Koyustu said that while many companies closed their shutters during the Covid-19 outbreak, they created a national brand value by doubling their turnover thanks to e-commerce.

He noted that, thanks to e-commerce, when everyone was closed to their homes, they directly reached the end consumers and became a well-known and sought-after brand.

Drawing attention to the importance of gaining consumer trust and appreciation in e-commerce, Koyustu emphasized that product quality and continuity are important in this sense.

He pointed out that unlike global brands, they offer much higher quality products to consumers by making boutique production in the coffee sector, which has been increasingly consumed recently, and said:

“Coffee grows 4 harvests. We process the newest harvest and top quality of coffee from various countries around the world. We roast our coffees fresh every day and after 3 days of rest, we deliver them to our customers within 24 hours when they order online, regardless of where they are in Turkey. This is truly a hard-to-reach service. For example, imagine that you buy your favorite coffee from Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya, from a coffee company that has the same freshness and wonderful fragrances right under your home. We provide your order to be at your door 1 day later, everywhere in Turkey.”

Koyustu stated that their products are currently ranked at the top of the “best seller” and “most liked” categories among flavored filter coffees on almost all e-commerce platforms, and they also sell on their own websites.

“We want to open up to the world markets”

Stating that they want to open up to the world as a Turkish coffee brand, Koyustu said, “Our main goal is to exist in the world markets with a real Turkish brand as a country that has a value like ‘Turkish coffee’. We want to do this without leaving boutique production and we want to be known for real quality coffee. We are continuing our research to sell to other countries with e-export.”

Expressing that they provide consultancy services to coffee producers, especially in African countries, which are currently producing coffee, he said, “There are coffee gardens there, but there are no other steps of production. We set up all steps together, such as processing coffee, opening it to the market, roasting, and we provide business development support.”

“Today, every company should realize its digital transformation”

Koyustu also advised companies that want to do e-commerce, saying that it is important to get the right and effective consultancy in this process, and that success can be achieved not by doing the same with everyone, but with a brand-specific strategy and service.

Emphasizing that every company should realize its digital transformation in this period, Koyustu said, “In the rapidly changing world, companies must renew themselves, and while doing this, they must integrate themselves into social media, digital platforms and e-commerce without breaking away from traditional values.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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