E-commerce from home in 5 steps

With the loss of jobs in some sectors due to Covid-19 and the acceleration of reverse migration from big cities, the number of entrepreneurs engaged in e-commerce from home has increased. Here are 5-step e-commerce from home tips.

TOBB E-Commerce Council Member Cenk Cigdem, Founder of Ticimax E-Commerce Systems, who stated that with the loss of jobs in some sectors due to Covid-19 and the acceleration of reverse migration from big cities, many people started to move from home to areas where they have the opportunity to work, said, “Recently, there has been an increase in the number of entrepreneurs opening a web site by establishing private companies to do e-commerce from home. The number of new e-commerce sites selling in categories that are easier to procure and ship, especially clothing, home textiles, local foods and gourmet delicacies, has increased.” Expressing that doing e-commerce from home does not have warehouse, rent and stock costs, Cigdem stated that anyone can get into this business with very small investments. Cigdemli said, “Apart from those who buy and sell products, there is also an increase in the number of e-commerce people using the dropshipping method known as dropshipping. Especially in financial terms, entrepreneurs who are not in a position to buy goods from wholesalers can make a profit through e-commerce by simply mediating with dropshipping. In this method, we observe an increase in recent months “

Cigdemli explained the tricks of doing e-commerce from home step by step.


To do e-commerce from home, it is necessary to establish a company first. In order to bill the products sold, the person must be a taxpayer. However, it is very important to establish a company in order to show expenses while purchasing the products they will sell. Generally, people who will make online sales from home can establish a private company, but they can also establish a limited or joint-stock company.


As a second step, the most important part of the job is e-commerce infrastructure. Since product management, stock management, social media sales and customer satisfaction are important in e-commerce, the infrastructure must be reliable. An open-source e-commerce infrastructure should definitely not be used.


Once you have decided what to sell, you will need to find reliable and always available suppliers. The wide product portfolio of the supplier you choose will make your job easier at first. Instead of working with a large number of wholesalers in a new business, working with a small number of wholesalers will also prevent you from getting confused until you learn the business. So you can spend all your energy on learning the job.


Perhaps the most important thing in e-commerce is shipping. E-commerce companies that do not manage their shipping processes lose customers quickly. You should choose the most advantageous one for you by getting offers from professional cargo companies one by one.


Social media is indispensable for this job. Instagram and Facebook are the most used channels for e-commerce. Here, you should open an account where you can advertise your e-commerce site and your products and redirect to the website. If you can take advantage of the power of social media, you can get orders even from abroad in a short time. You should use candid videos and professional photos in your social media accounts, and if you are confident, you can use your own photos and videos. Thus, you can increase your sales performance by communicating with your customers in the first degree.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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