Dorce Prefabrik builds modern living spaces with modular systems

Dorce Prefabrik produces education and healthcare buildings such as hotels, schools, and student dormitories using modular systems.

Dorce Prefabrik produces education and healthcare buildings such as hotels, schools and student dormitories using modular systems.

According to the statement by Dorce Prefabrik, the construction systems in which the final connection lines such as sanitary and electrical installations of a building are completed in the factory environment and shipped to the site as volumetric building modules fully equipped with interior and exterior coating elements, wall panels, roof, flooring, bathrooms, kitchen equipment are called ‘modular structures’.”

Modular structures, which are ready to use alone or in combination after being transported to the field, stand out as a popular construction methodology especially for education and health buildings such as hotels, schools and dormitories.

With an experience of more than 40 years, Dorce Prefabrik stands out as the leading Turkish brand in the growing European market. With its in-house experienced design, engineering, R&D and project management teams, it exports prefabricated light steel modular and pre-manufactured steel construction building systems to more than 60 countries in 6 continents, which can be designed for versatile usage areas to meet all kinds of needs.

Fire, sound and thermal insulation can be applied to the buildings as desired

While modular systems are used for structures that require speed and need to be completed in difficult climatic and geographical conditions, these elements, which are produced in a controlled manner in the factory, are then transported to the field in units and assembled.

As production takes place in the factory environment, all conditions are kept under control, while fire, sound and thermal insulation can be made in the products as desired. Also, this method saves time.

Earthquake and disaster areas, projects that need to be done very quickly, projects carried out simultaneously in different locations, or projects that require extensive organization in regions where materials are not available and where facilities are limited, are the most preferred situations for modular structures.

World examples of buildings built with ‘prefabricated modular steel building’ systems are increasing day by day. More than 560 thousand detached houses in California have been completed with prefabricated modular building systems that are earthquake resistant.

After the earthquake in Elazig, TOKI builds village houses, in which Dorce Prefabrik Yapi ve Insaat Sanayi Ticaret Inc. is also involved in the production and construction, with this system.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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