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Domestic and foreign tourists visiting Palandoken, Uludag & Cibiltepe ski resorts despite the virus

With the start of the controlled normalization process in the fight against the new type of coronavirus in ski centers, there is intensity on weekends.

Those who went to Palandoken Ski Center and stayed at the hotels on weekends when there was no curfew, had fun by skiing and snowboarding. Some vacationers sled with their kids.

Local and foreign tourists who came to the center where the snow thickness exceeded 1 meter had a pleasant time.

Officers and police teams also warned vacationers to follow precautions frequently at the hotels and tracks in Palandoken.

Mertay Osman, one of the ski lovers, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that their family came to Palandoken after the restrictions were lifted at the weekend.

Stating that they had a nice weekend by following the Covid-19 rules, Osman expressed that they are happy that the ski season continues in March.

Betul Apaydin explained that they had fun skiing with their children in Palandoken.

Snow thickness reached 135 centimeters in Cibiltepe

In Cibiltepe in Sarikamis district of Kars, with the last snowfall, snow thickness on the second stage tracks reached 135 centimeters. The tourists, who were busy on the slopes, enjoyed skiing in the beautiful weather.

Ski instructor Yakup Onal told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the snow falling towards the end of March prolonged the season and made tourism professionals pleasant.

Onal said that skiing will continue in April.

Slopes were filled at the weekend in Uludag after the snowfall

Vacationers and excursionists staying at the hotels enjoy the snow in Uludag.

Vacationers do skiing, sledding and snowboarding on the tracks in Uludag’s “Hotels Zone”, where the winter season is extended until March.

Gendarmerie teams, on the other hand, warn holidaymakers about masks and distance with announcements from time to time as part of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures.

According to the data of Bursa Meteorology Directorate, the snow thickness was measured as 145 centimeters in the region where the air temperature was 8 below the lowest zero and the highest zero degree.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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