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DAP Yapi’s Nisantasi Koru project became the revenue champion

According to the data shared by Emlak Konut with the public, the DAP Nisantasi Koru project, which was implemented with the vision of DAP Yapi, became the revenue champion with sales of 14 thousand 454 square meters and a revenue of ₺817 million in the first 6 months of this year.

While the effects of the pandemic continued to be felt in the first half of 2021 for the branded housing sector, Emlak Konut GYO shared its revenue figures in the first half of 2021 with the public.

According to the announced data, the DAP Nisantasi Koru project, which was implemented with the vision of DAP Yapi, became the turnover champion with sales of 14 thousand 454 square meters and a revenue of ₺817 million in the first 6 months of this year. In the same period, Emlak Konut Vadi Evleri took second place with a revenue of ₺600.8 million, and the Buyukyali project took the third place with a sales of ₺360 million.

DAP Yapi’s revenue champion project, Nisantasi Koru, brings together the ‘healthy home concept’ with Nisantasi, the center of luxury. The project is located between the American Hospital and the Ihlamur Kasri.

Nisantasi Abdi Ipekci Street, which is in the top 10 in the research of the international real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, in which 330 shopping streets in 65 countries are listed, is in the same category as Union Square in San Francisco and 5th Street in New York. 650 meters to Abdi Ipekci Street, the number one address of luxury brands in Turkey; In other words, DAP Yapi Nisantasi Koru project, which is about 5 minutes’ walk away, is also 300 meters away from City’s Shopping Center… In this sense, brands at the top of luxury such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci are in the “next door” position, so to speak.

In houses with ceiling heights ranging from 4 to 8 meters, those who wish can enter the pool on large terraces the size of an apartment, and those who wish can enjoy the unique Bosphorus, grove and Nisantasi view accompanied by a fireplace.

The project, in which the Garden Villa and Terrace Villa concepts were designed as a first in the Nisantasi region and every detail was meticulously thought out, redefines the ‘Luxury of the Future’ in Nisantasi. This project, which is a combination of DAP Yapi’s innovative vision and Emlak Konut assurance; In Nisantasi, the apple of the eye of our world capital Istanbul, which connects two continents, it will be a work that will add value even 50 years later.


The 60,000 square meter grove area in the project, which is larger than the total green area of Nisantasi and designed based on the recommendations of the health board, creates a completely different atmosphere among the greenery, even though it is in the heart of the city. It offers a full grove life with its gardens that can be visited and a natural view of 100 thousand square meters where eye contact can be established. Bringing a luxury that does not exist in Nisantasi in terms of housing and living space, Dap Yapi also presents the garden villa concept as a first in Nisantasi.


The units in the Nisantasi project were designed in a way that the materials are compatible with each other, the living spaces are used in the most efficient way, and the quality and comfort are at the maximum. The number of independent sections in the project was also kept low. Floor height is limited to 5 to 10 floors. The ceiling height in the residences is planned as a minimum of 4 meters. In this way, living spaces with high ceilings, spacious and open to people were designed.


DAP Yapi, which started preparations for the “Healthy Home” criteria before the Covid-19 pandemic, took the opinion of approximately 100 thousand people and formed a special health committee. They developed the concept of Healthy Homes, a world first, around the recommendations of this board. The Healthy Home Criteria summarized under 5 main headings by the DAP Building Health Board are listed as follows:

1- The first one, houses will not be high-rise. We call houses that are high enough to walk when needed, healthy houses.

2- The second is balcony, terrace and garden… If there is no garden, healthy houses should definitely have a large balcony if you cannot provide a terrace. We have designed our Nisantasi project with the logic of a ‘villa garden’ and a ‘luxury boat’ where personalized details are considered.

3- The third is forest, grove and green space… Studies show that sports activities done in greenery are also good for chronic diseases. In this sense, we are implementing the greenest project of Nisantasi with the logic of “inside the forest”.

4- The fourth one is the ventilation system. From this point of view, when you say ‘Healthy Home’, the ventilation system of each apartment must be designed in accordance with the health criteria during the corona process, and it must be absolutely ‘independent’ from each other and have natural ventilation.

5- The fifth and last criterion is that it is being built according to the latest earthquake regulations.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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