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DAP Yapi will sell 40% cheaper houses in the heart of Nisantasi

Bringing the healthy home concept to Nisantasi, DAP Yapi will make forward sales in TL. Ziya Yilmaz said, “The pre-demand period shows that our prices are 40% below the region.”

DAP Yapi started construction on its project in Nisantasi, one of the most valuable districts of Istanbul, where it carried the concept of a healthy home after Cekmekoy. The company, which started the preliminary demand period of the project called Nisantasi Koru, which will be built on the land of the old Nisantasi campus of Marmara University, plans to go on sale at 35-40% lower prices than the residences developed in the region for the last 10-15 years. DAP Yapi Chairman of the Board Ziya Yilmaz explained that almost all of the houses in the region are sold in foreign currency and said, “We protect the buyers from the exchange rate risk by making forward sales in Turkish Lira in this market, where foreign currency is dominant, and enable them to make a profit by making the right investment. We see that our pre-demand period prices are 40% below the region. For this reason, we can say that our project has a premium potential of over 100%.”


The company won the land in Nisantasi Tesvikiye, one of the most valuable lands in Istanbul, in the tender of Emlak Konut GYO. Accordingly, Eltes-Istlife companies belonging to the Holding committed a total revenue of ₺1 billion 763 million for the project to be built on a 25 thousand square meter land, while the income for Emlak Konut, the owner of the land, was ₺705.5 million. However, Ziya Yilmaz stated that they can go beyond this commitment and said that the value of the project will increase. The first of the ‘Healthy Home’ concept developed by the company was implemented in the Cekmekoy Ormankoy project. The concept was also moved to Nisantasi. Ziya Yilmaz explained that they also developed the ‘garden villa’ concept for the region, adding, “We are breaking new ground in Nisantasi, while bringing luxury and nature together in terms of housing and living.” While there are a total of 161 flats in 5 blocks in the project, flat sizes vary between 85 and 760 square meters. 19 of the residences were developed as garden villas and 47 as terrace villas with pools.


Explaining that the Covid-19 process is an important transformation point for the real estate sector, Ziya Yilmaz explained the ‘healthy home’ concept they developed before this period: “We received the expectations of the target audience of 58 thousand 300 people in Cekmekoy and 18 thousand people in Nisantasi, and we listened to their opinion. As a result of our expertise with the health board, we have developed the ‘healthy home’ concept, which has been registered in many countries of the world, especially in Turkey. These criteria are listed under 5 headings. First of all, we call the houses at a height that can be reached on foot when needed, healthy houses. Secondly, if there is no garden in the houses, you should definitely include a large balcony if you cannot provide a terrace or a terrace. Third, there must be a green area where the house is located. Independent ventilation system and construction condition according to earthquake regulations.”


Ziya Yilmaz stated that they did not take a break from their investments during the pandemic period and said, “We have full confidence in the future of our country. We have never deviated from our own investment program, and we continue to produce within our plans in this process. In such periods, we should not interrupt our work, and even work harder and produce value.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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