Cryptocurrency continues to decline

Cryptocurrency markets continue to decline. More than $1 trillion was lost in 8 weeks. The downtrend in stable and altcoins continued this week.

Cryptocurrency markets continue to decline.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have lost more than 50%.

More than $1 trillion was wiped from the market in 8 weeks.

LUNA’s value has been reseted

The reset of the value of LUNA in the crypto money markets created an earthquake effect on the coins.

The instability in stablecoins has spread throughout the market.

Bitcoin fell to $28 thousand 800 levels

Bitcoin, which broke a record by exceeding $69 thousand in November of 2021, has closed 8 weeks in a row with a loss of value, even though it saw more than $48 thousand at the end of March.

Bitcoin, which was balanced at $29 thousand 100 last week, fell to $28 thousand 800 this week.

Ethereum has been down for 2 months

Ethereum, which has the second highest value in the markets, peaked at $4,870 in November 2021, and then entered a downward trend.

Ethereum also closed the 8th consecutive week with losses.

Etherium, which was balanced at $1,960 last week, dropped to $1764 this week.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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