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Coronavirus Global Awareness Project by medical students in Turkey

Coronavirus Global Awareness Project by medical student, researcher and writer Olivier UWISHEMA

Olivier UWISHEMA, an aspiring physician and passionate medical student, researcher and writer in Turkey also the founder of Oli Health Magazine Organization which is an International Scientific Research Academy designed to empower, educate and support people especially youths to take better care of themselves and create a more healthy world.

Olivier is also a health volunteer, Health advocate and change maker and grew up in Rwanda where the majority of the population did not have a good access to health clinics or medical information that motivated Olivier to pursue medical studies so that he could be a part of the solution of delivering health care and building strong health systems in my country

According to Olivier “In response to the COVID-19 crisis and in recognition of the need for timely information relevant to primary care, as a medical student and the founder of Oli Health Magazine Organization which is an international scientific research academy and due to coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of my university’s studies at the beginning of March 2020, I immediately started a project of Coronavirus Global Awareness to make sure no one is left on the sidelines of this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

“The project quickly gained ground, expanded worldwide and more than 200 medical students, medical residents and Doctors got interested and joined the global initiative. Oli Health Magazine Organization’s team creates and translates accessible COVID-19 information into different languages to ensure everyone, regardless of the language they speak, has access to information on coronavirus” as mentioned by Olivier

Olivier said “This project about Covid-19 is in multiple language aims to help global community access to the correct information either by reading published articles on COVID-19 at Oli Health Magazine (International Scientific Research Academy) or watching videos related to COVID-19 awareness, self-care, mental health and coping with COVID19.”

“Within this project, I have a partnership with Harvard Medical School where Oli Health Magazine Organization is collaborating with Harvard Medical Students COVID-19 Response Team to provide accessible, evidence-based COVID19 factual information in many languages, vetted by physicians, professors and other professional health providers worldwide. This collaboration is helping by explaining what coronavirus is, how it affects people , and how they can protect themselves, their loved ones in order to cope with COVID-19. All of this are being done in multiple different languages, to reach as many people as possible.” as mentioned by Olivier

Olivier says “The project’s goals are to increase awareness of coronavirus around the world, by providing informative resources which are accessible to people from many backgrounds and levels of health education.The project also aims to aid in the reduction of coronavirus transmission by producing resources to teach people about preventative measures they can take around the home and in their own lives.”

Olivier said “my message to my fellow youth across the globe is to keep in mind that Coronavirus COVID-19 is giving us a gift, a gift of time. So let’s make sure that we are using it wisely by being more creative, innovative and productive and also supporting each other. Together we can spread positivity and strength by staying alert to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

For more information, please visit the project’s website at : https://www.olihealthmagazine.com/covid19/

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