CicekSepeti bought back foreign investment shares, turning into a completely Turkish company

CicekSepeti investors bought back the minority shares of Amazon and Hummingbird and turned into a completely Turkish company.

Emre Aydin, the founder and CEO of CicekSepeti, whose views were given in the statement made, reminded that they are an e-commerce site that tries to deliver flowers to their customers in their first days, and he emphasized that they have a supply network where they first deliver millions of flowers and Bonnyfood to their customers together with thousands of florists and patisseries, and then the brand “Lolaflora”, which has operations abroad.

Aydin said, “Finally, we took the first steps of a new success story where we started to mediate sales in the marketplace model, selling millions of products together with our business partners and becoming a market leader.

Now, in an ecosystem where e-commerce initiatives sell their entire shares to foreign investors and exit, I think that this decision is very valuable and that we show other initiatives in our country how much a Turkish brand can grow in Turkey and in the world.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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