Chairman of CMB: Turkey has seized a historical opportunity

Organized by the Capital Markets Association of Turkey (TSPB), the 6th TSPB Golden Bull Awards found their owners at the ceremony. The event, where a total of 34 Golden Bull awards were presented in 6 categories, was held with the participation of Capital Markets Board (SPK) Chairman Ali Fuat Taskesenlioglu, Borsa Istanbul General Manager Korkmaz Ergun and TSPB Chairman Ibrahim Oztop. CMB Chairman Ali Fuat Taskesenlioglu said, “Turkey has captured a historic opportunity in terms of capital markets. We should all work together for the better in order to make the best use of this opportunity and to keep our market above a certain level.” Stating that there have been remarkable developments in the capital markets recently, Taskesenlioglu emphasized that the capital markets should be moved to a much higher level in order to finance the future of the Turkish economy. Borsa Istanbul General Manager Korkmaz Ergun also stated that they have achieved a higher level of synergy than ever before in Borsa Istanbul’s history with Taskesenlioglu, the Chairman of the CMB, and said, “There is a very good communication between us. We see that this synergy has a very positive impact on the capital markets.” Ibrahim Oztop, Chairman of the TSPB Board of Directors, also stated that the interest of investors in the capital markets has greatly increased during the epidemic process.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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