CBOT a turkish developed AI solution is supporting Turkish companies in their digital process

CBOT is a Turkish made business developing artificial intelligence solution based on dialogue; Mete Aktas, the founder and CEO of CBOT said that they developed many projects in Turkey and worldwide.

Aktas mentioned that they removed the need to import external tech for Turkish companies regarding artificial intelligence technology and they serve many customers in the global market with other important brands. He stated their priority is Turkish economy and said:

‘’Our artificial intelligence engineering decreased Turkey’s external dependency greatly; CBOT contributed 250 million liras to Turkey with many extensive projects. CBOT plays an important role in equipping Turkish banks with world standard technology; our company have supported not only banking sector but also nearly every sector such as telecommunications, retail, health, education, automotive and e-commerce with our own artificial intelligence technologies many companies have accelerated the digital transition of these sectors since the day it was founded. ‘Chatbot’ and voiced assistant operations shine out the most in 2020 especially in customer management.’’

We present companies with chatbots that have artificial intelligence capabilities

Aktas emphasized that according to the global market research of Mordor Intelligence regarding chatbot; it is estimated that $17.17 billion market volume of 2019 will reach $102.29 billion in 2025. He said:

‘’ According to the data of Turkish Informatics Industry Association (TUBISAD), we see that there was a 14 percent sector size increase on Turkish lira basis with total volume of $152.7 billion in 2019; software field covered $23.4 billion of this volume.

According to the latest data, software exports is valued at 4.8 billion liras. These numbers show that dynamically improving artificial intelligence operations become a structure that is nearly used in every business processes. We see that the share of artificial intelligence in software sector is 1 percent according to Informatics 500 list; we, as a company that is closely related to the sector, predict that this share will swiftly increase in the future.

CBOT plans to show the world the power of Turkish engineers more effectively. CBOT is improved by every project we make in collaboration with other brands; our product has reached the world standards and can be integrated with nearly all companies. We can present companies with artificially intelligent chatbots with personalization qualities that fits their bill.’’

EBA Assistant project that is realized in collaboration with Ministry of Education is among the Turkish projects that CBOT developed using artificial intelligence technologies.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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