CarrefourSA sea floating supermarket introduced

Due to Covid-19, sea & ship vacation demand increased and in order for these people to get their daily needs without landing, the floating supermarket are sailed. 20 different boats in Göcek will serve till October 31 and operate with a connection to 6 restaurant docks.

Controlled social distance raised the interest to boat tourism. CarrefourSA which is a shareholding of Sabancı and Carrefour, will transport to citizens who are at sea & ship vacation in Göcek, 7 days a week via a boat named ‘Mavi’.

Special deliveries are also present

Ersin Ceylan, the director of group sales of CarrefourSA, while emphasizing that the boat is 16 meters tall and has a shopping space of 50 square meters, said that:

‘’We have a vast variety in product such as packaged raw vegetable-fruit, diary, dry or frozen food, beach products and more. When we have a special delivery, we would get it from the CarrefourSA located in the marina and transport it to the clients.’’

Ceylan also said that the floating supermarket will serve till October 31, between 8 a.m and 8 p.m in 20 different bays in Göcek.

source: DHA / translated by Bazaar Team

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