Bursa exported to 187 countries in 7 months

According to the data of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Bursa is one of the most important industrial cities of Turkey; in the first 7 months of 2020, Bursa made 6 billion 662 million 457 thousand dollars of export to 187 countries, self-governing and free zones. Bursa has become the second city of Turkey that exported the most in the first 7 months.

The automotive industry has a share of 51.4 percent in the total 7 months of Bursa export; it covered 3 billion 428 million 252 thousand dollars of value. Bursa automotive industry is composed of leading companies like OYAK Renault, TOFAS, Bosch, and Karsan. Ready-made clothing is the second sector that exported the most in Bursa. 702 million 113 thousand dollars of export was made by this sector in the first 7 months. Textile and textile raw materials sector is the third most exporting sector in Bursa with 478 million 40 thousand dollars of export value in the first 7 months.

The other valuable exports made in Bursa at the first 7 months are 357 million 75 thousand dollars of machine and machine parts export, 312 million 417 thousand dollars of furniture, paper and forestry products export, 311 million 315 thousand dollars of steel export and 248 million 380 thousand dollars of chemical materials and products export.

The most exports were made to European countries

Bursa made the most export to Germany in the first 7 months; this export is mostly in ready-made clothing and automotive sector and valued at 916 million 325 thousand dollars. The second country that Bursa exported the most is France with 750 million 175 thousand dollars of value and the third country is Italy with 494 million 764 thousand dollars of export value.

Bursa made 35 percent increase in it’s export to Egypt and Denmark

In the first 7 months of 2020, Bursa increased it’s export to Egypt by 38.40 percent, this export value was increased from 106 million 262 thousand dollars to 147 million 64 thousand dollars; while export to Denmark was increased by 37.41 percent and valued at 41 million 643 thousand dollars.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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