‘Building Identity System’ application started: Chip tracking

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization launched the Building Identity System (BKS) application. The certificate to be mounted at the entrance of the building in the form of a technological plate will contain all the information from A to Z of that building. The buildings that have been identified will be inspected every 5 years, it will be checked if there is any interruption in the column, illegal story or any interference that breaks the building statics. With “building identity control”, interventions that risk life safety will be prevented.

As in the collapsed building in Istanbul Kartal, in Elazig or Izmir earthquakes, the words “The columns were cut for the shops at the entrance of the building, the illegal floor was reached after the settlement, the building was tampered with …” The price of these unconscious steps, sometimes taken by contractors and sometimes by owners, caused lost lives. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization commissioned the Building Identity System (BKS) application to prevent these situations. Each building completed with BKS will be given a QR code and electronic label in the form of a certificate. Thanks to the certificate to be mounted on the building as a technological plate, the technical information of that building will be easily accessed.

Banu Aslan Can, General Manager of Construction Affairs of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, explained the details of the system to Gulistan Alagoz from Hurriyet newspaper.


Stating that the certificate to be mounted on the building will record every information about that building, Can said that the identity card will be inspected every 5 years. Can added, “Has the building been made illegally, if the columns are damaged, it will be checked. If there is a possible solution, we will say “fix the problem”. But if there is a situation that threatens life safety, the building will be evacuated. Not only fines will be given to those responsible, but we will also file a criminal complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office.”


The citizen who will buy or rent a house with BKS will see if it is safe or not, if there’s a illegal transaction. Stating that the information given by the contractor firm or the property owner can be controlled in this way, Can said, “The citizen will access every information from the concrete used in the building, the settlement date, the size of the houses to the inspection results.”


Noting that many details, especially the floor plan, are vital in search and rescue efforts after the earthquake, Can said, “The building is destroyed and the citizen whose family is in wreckage is already in trauma. So he’s trying to give information. Now all information about the building will be seen with a single click. The system will not be damaged even if the concrete is destroyed on the identification plates. Building information can be accessed even from a distance of 50 meters. We hope there will be no destruction, but if it happens, this system will be a lifeline for search and rescue.” Can added that they are working with Aselsan to ensure that the certificates are durable and not damaged.


It is aimed to reach 100 thousand buildings by the end of the year in the BKS system, which was initiated by the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, after the Yesilyurt Apartment collapsed in Istanbul Kartal in 2019. In a recent statement, Kurum said: “Building inspection will be easier in buildings that are included in the Building Identity System. Unauthorized changes in the building will be prevented and thus architectural pollution will be prevented.”


Identity certificates have begun to be attached to residential buildings. After that, other buildings will be passed in stages according to the “age of the building”. Personal information will also be protected during the BKS study. Residents of the building will buy and rent houses and public authorities will be able to see different details.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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