Both nature and environmentally friendly airport to Cukurova

Suleyman Kozuva, Chairman of the Board of Kozuva Group of Companies, which undertakes the superstructure works of Cukurova Regional Airport (CBH), said that after the airport is put into service, they will create a memorial forest in the name of the first thousand passengers.

Sharing the latest situation regarding the project, Kozuva said that the airport project will be implemented as both nature and environmentally friendly project.

Kozuva pointed out that all buildings in CBH are designed with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED Certificate), that is, energy and environment friendly.

Stating that the water to be used in the buildings will be treated and used in environmental irrigation, Kozuva said, “Cukurova is a very fertile region. There is sun, there is water. Our sun is unlimited, but as a country, our water is limited. Every drop of it is very precious. We need to know its value and act accordingly. The Seyhan and Ceyhan Rivers are the source of life for the region, but we will still look after our water as our eyes. It is our duty to do this for our children, for our future.”


Reminding that the first phase of CBH will be opened in the third quarter of 2022, Kozuva said, “We received very positive feedback from the first moment we started our work. All the circles to whom we talked about our project shared our excitement and expressed their support for the project as it will contribute to the further development of the region. These messages of support have increased our excitement as well.”

Emphasizing that they do not view the Cukurova Regional Airport project as just an investment, Kozuva said, “We will plant a sapling in their name in line with the approval of the first thousand passengers who use our airport. This is how our Cukurova Airport Memorial forest will be established.”

Kozuva also said that they will take steps to establish a library in village schools with the support of those who use CBH.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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