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Boston Scientific supports Parkinson and movement disorders in Turkey

Boston Scientific, an international health firm, chose the Centre for Excellence and Education in order to support Parkinson’s and movement disorders in Turkey.

According to the statement of Medipol University Hospital, Medipol University of Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders Centre (PARMER) has become one of the leading centres in Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Middle East with over 1350 successful surgical cases, neurology, rehabilitation, speech therapy and nutritionists.

PARMER, established within the Medipol University Hospital in 2018, is the first and only independent centre to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders, especially Parkinson, and to manage research in this direction. PARMER was turned into ‘Centre of Excellence and Education’ after the signing ceremony that was held in Sept 17 with the participation of Serhan Acar, the regional director of Boston Scientific Turkey and Central Asia and Ozer Koca, the board chairman of Medipol Education and Health.

In Turkey and neighbouring geographies, PARMER mostly performed brain pacemaker surgery in the last 3 years. It is a centre where Neurology and Neurosurgery specialists from Europe, all Middle East, North Africa, Balkans and Turkic countries can receive practical training on all subjects regarding movement disorders, especially brain pacemaker implantation and programming.

Neurology staff who provide the most up-to-date and modern medical treatment and are experts in movement disorders, advanced laboratory facilities that can provide genetic diagnosis support to patients, gait and balance rehabilitation equipment specific to patients with movement disorders are provided by the Centre for Excellence and Education.

PARMER has a team of speech and language therapists specializing in dystonia and other movement disorders, especially with Parkinson patients, a psychological testing and support group specific to movement disorders and a team with more than 1350 movement disorder surgery experience including more than 850 brain pacemaker surgeries over 30 years time. PARMER appears in the international arena for diagnosis and treatment.

329 patients with brain pacemakers around the globe who had been operated by Op. Dr. Ali ZIRH were brought together on the World Parkinson Day 2018 with the cooperation of Brain Battery Patients Association and Medipol Health and Education Group; the first Guinness World Record was broken in health treatment in Turkey. PARMER, opened under the Medipol Health and Education Group, is globally the first institution that comes to mind in surgical brain pacemaker treatment applications of movement disorders and also stands out as the International Center of Excellence with its feature of being the leading institution in planning all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of these patients.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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