Borusan Holding aims to invest ₺5.9 billion in 2021-2023

Borusan Holding shared its 2020 annual report. Reaching a turnover of ₺26.1 billion in 2020, the company aims to invest ₺5.9 billion in 2021-23.

Ahmet Kocabiyik, Chairman of the Board of Borusan Holding, stated that 2020 has changed everyone’s lives in some way and said, “While the vaccine licensing news is a ray of hope in terms of curbing the pandemic without waiting for mass immunity, the opportunities provided by the digital transformation process have ensured that the life cycle of both companies and individuals continues uninterruptedly.

As the Holding, I think that we pass a successful exam in this difficult period in line with the goal of “protecting our employees, stakeholders and business”. From now on, we will continue our work with our vision of being a 200-year-old company.”


Borusan Holding CEO Erkan Kafadar stated that they achieved successful financial and operational results in the 2020 operating period. Stating that the total turnover of the group exceeded the level of ₺26.1 billion, Kafadar said that the profit before operation and tax was ₺2.6 billion and that they achieved permanent improvements in the company’s cost structure, independent of the pandemic.

Emphasizing that they always invest in R&D and innovation processes for business development, Kafadar stated that they aim to produce sustainable value after 200 years as they are today.

“In line with our priority to create sustainable value, I have no doubt that we will resolutely achieve this ambitious goal with the contributions of our shareholders, customers, business partners and most importantly our employees. As the Borusan Family, we are a big team and we are all connected to each other like the rings of a chain or parts of a gear.”

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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