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BiTaksi & Fiat in Cooperation for passengers protection taxi

BiTaksi and Fiat launched the project ‘’Cabinet Taxi’’ in order to maintain public health against Covid-19.

According to the mutual statement of BiTaksi and Fiat, cabinet taxi system is made for protection of the passengers and the driver, the project is actualized by the BiTaksi demands and R&D studies of Tofas. The project has a partition that separates the driver and passenger sections which are both supported with separate air filters.

‘’Our goal is to make comfort, design and technology accessible to everyone.’’

Altan Ayaç, the brand director of Fiat stated that:

‘’ Our goal is to make comfort, design and technology accessible to everyone. We are focusing on benefiting the society through our competence and supporting our customers during this pandemic period. We are proud of this mutual project with BiTaksi along with our other operations regarding this period and maintaining the public health. We observe that the demand for automotive has increased due to increased social distance requirements and isolation in public transportations; in this sense, we launched the cabinet system that will provide protection against the virus. Our cabinet isolation system is different from other available in the market and keeps the contact between the passenger and the driver minimum via detailed safety measures.

The most used car is Egea in taxi automobiles. We are still working on our other car versions. Our authorized services will montage our protection partitions with Fiat assurance; besides not only in İstanbul and Ankara, everyone owning Fiat Egea in Turkey will be able to buy these partitions and have them installed via our Fiat outlets. Our prices are 2 thousand 500 liras including value added tax and montage workmanship.’’

Kaan Sancaklı, the general manager of BiTaksi, emphasized that they are trying to meet the public demand during the normalization period and continued:

‘’We cooperated with Fiat in order to actualize the Cabinet Taxi project which, we believe that, will provide benefits on a social scale during the pandemic period. A mobile app and an automotive firm cooperated for the first time in history for a project that provides safe and isolated journey.

There won’t be any price difference between regular taxis and cabinet taxis. First 100 vehicles are installed with partitions by BiTaksi and started to operate in Istanbul.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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