BinBin became the first licensed e-scooter company

Companies operating in the sector started to work quickly to obtain a license after the regulation was published. According to the information shared with us, BinBin Scooter received the authorization permit.

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the news that the Electric Scooter Regulation was published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, the purpose of the regulation was explained as to determine the market entry conditions and the rights, obligations and responsibilities of those who produce and benefit from the service in order to ensure the development of shared e-scooters in a sustainable transportation system integrated with other transportation types.

The number of electric scooter initiatives in our country continues to increase one by one. As a result, companies operating in the sector started to work quickly to obtain a license after the regulation was published. According to the information shared with us now, BinBin Scooter has received the operating license.

With this regulation, shared e-scooter management activities can only be carried out by real or legal persons who have received an authorization certificate and shared e-scooter permission. Authorization documents to be issued according to the regulation and e-scooter permissions cannot be sold or transferred. Firms must have a capital or working capital of ₺500 thousand in order to obtain an authorization certificate, they must have a website and mobile applications/applications whose standards are determined by the administration and suitable for the activity to be carried out, the servers where the database will be kept must be located within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and they must have at least 250 e-scooters.

The number of companies that have completed the application phase is less than the fingers of one hand

As far as we have learned, the number of companies that have completed their documents and started to examine the application process has not yet passed the fingers of one hand. In addition to the information we shared above, we learned that BTK is also a review process regarding the obligation of their servers to be in Turkey. Although the localization rate is an important factor, this authorization certificate can be seen as a priority guarantee document for global players to take part in the market. As you all wonder, let’s convey that we learned that Marti, one of the important players of the market, has also completed the application process and is in the process of review.

Of course, the company that has received the authorization certificate may need to obtain the necessary permits from the municipality and perhaps apply for other permits at the next stage.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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