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Beekeepers will be provided information via a cooperation with Meteorology Directorate

According to the written statement made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol will be held tomorrow with the participation of Minister Bekir Pakdemirli.

Pakdemirli stated that beekeeping is an agricultural field of interest in Turkey as in the whole world. Turkey has 8 million beehives and it ranks second in the world with its production of 114 thousand 471 tons of honey.

Emphasizing that they have supported beekeeping since 2003, Pakdemirli stated that they paid ₺ 15 per hive and ₺ 80 per queen bee. Pakdemirli also pointed out that they provide material and equipment support in 34 provinces where beekeeping is intensive, as well as 50 percent grant support for beekeeping activities within the scope of rural development programs.

‘’ Beekeepers are affected by meteorological parameters.’’

Pointing out that beekeepers are one of the producers most affected by meteorological parameters, Pakdemirli said:

‘’ To minimize this effect, between Turkey Beekeepers Association with the General Directorate of Meteorology forecasts will made a cooperation on sharing meteorological information. With this cooperation, forecasts regarding hot and cold weather waves and strong meteorological events will be sent to beekeepers via SMS as an early warning. In addition, data from the past years will be shared with the beekeepers to better identify the areas where they will stay. Collaboration will contribute to the increase in honey production amount and quality. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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