Balances have changed with the social housing project: House prices have decreased

The social housing project changed the balance in the real estate market. The exorbitantly rising housing prices began to decline. Experts say that such projects will prevent property owners from raising prices. He underlines that housing will return to real prices in the coming period.

250 thousand houses will be built in 2 years, the real estate problem of the low-income will be solved.

The biggest social housing project in the history of the Republic came to life, the balances in the housing market changed.

Attractive prices and convenient payment terms led consumers to social housing.

The “foam” melts in real estate

Demand in the market declined. With the decline in demand, the unrealistic pricing called “foam” began to decline.

Real Estate Market Specialist Evrim Kirmizitas said, “We were in a process where the demand was so high that the property owners started to change the figures daily or even hourly. The price of 2+1 or 3+1 flats was increased from ₺1 million to ₺1 million 750 thousand, now that figure has started to decrease gradually. “

The social housing project is just one of the measures taken against high price increases…

“We are coming to a process where prices will continue in a more balanced way”

Previously, a series of regulations regarding housing loans were also made.

Kirmizitas stated that they will enter a process in which prices will continue in a balanced way and said:

“250 thousand houses, but there will be a continuation of this. With the arrival of this good news, then property owners will put a stop to this price increase, in fact, they will return to their real figures. We are coming to a process where prices will continue in a more balanced way.”

The number of applications approached 4 million

The number of applications for the social housing project approached 4 million. Upon the completion of the claim period on October 31, the beneficiaries will be determined by lot.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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