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Bahas Holding declared 2021 “The Year of Urban Transformation”

Bahas Holding, which started an urban transformation attack in construction, will start the transformation of approximately 500 houses in 2021.

In the statement made by Bahas Holding, information was given about the company’s work and 2021 planning.

Bahas Holding has completed nearly 100 turnkey projects such as schools, hospitals, roads, and bridges for public institutions and organizations for 30 years, and has brought its success in the contracting business to the sector with branded housing projects. According to the statement, Bahas Holding declared 2021 the year of urban transformation.

The GOP Plevne Urban Transformation Project in Gaziosmanpasa is shown as the first island-based urban transformation project in Istanbul. The holding accelerated the work of the project and the first phase of the project, which consists of 3 stages, is nearing the end.

The Project consists of 440 residences and 40 commercial areas, rising in two blocks and while 80% of the sales of the project have been completed, the project will be delivered in July.

The Holding will simultaneously mature the urban transformation projects included in the 2021 agenda.

60% of the first phase of Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece consists of green areas

The company will transform approximately 800 flats with the Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece Urban Transformation Project, and the demolition of the first phase has been successfully completed.

Bahas Holding, acting alone in the mass urban transformation initiated under the leadership of Buyukcekmece Mayor Dr. Hasan Akgun, aims to protect Buyukcekmece against possible earthquakes by transforming risky buildings with a history of about 40 years.

Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece’s demolition has been completed, and the first phase of it consists of green areas. The project includes 120 residences and 800 square meters of commercial space.

Bahas Holding plans to rebuild Buyukcekmece, and it is preparing to bring together the people of the region with a healthy, high quality, and high-level life by producing projects consisting of luxury residences with large green areas and social facilities.

Old Ottoman houses will be restored and brought back to life

Bahas Holding will also start the project consisting of 2 thousand residences and 100 commercial areas with Uskudar Neighborhood Urban Transformation Project, which is located on Uskudar Bosna Boulevard, on 106 decares of land, with a construction area of 200 thousand square meters.

The project will bring the old Ottoman houses back to life with the neighborhood concept in accordance with Uskudar’s architectural features.

The Holding will complete its transformation attack with 2 urban transformation projects in Bagcilar Mahmutbey, one of which is an office, a residence, and a commercial area, and the other is a residential and commercial unit.

On the other hand, the holding will continue its land search and project development studies to add new ones to their planned urban transformation projects.

“We will continue our search for land for our new project developments”

Bahas Holding Senior Manager (CEO) Abdussamet Bahadir, whose opinions were given in the statement, stated that they have become a brand in urban transformation through the projects they have implemented so far.

Providing information about the urban transformation attack they initiated, Bahadir said:

“We declared 2021 the year of urban transformation with our belief in the urgent implementation of urban transformation projects, which are of critical importance due to the reality of irregular urbanization and earthquakes that cannot be solved in Turkey. We will realize new urban transformation projects with the deep-rooted experience we have gained in the urban transformation projects we have developed so far.

With the projects we will implement, we aim to complete the transformation of 500 houses this year and nearly a thousand houses in the ongoing process. We will take pioneering steps in this direction with our projects that reflect the architectural characteristics of Istanbul and meet the isolated life need that occurred during the epidemic period. We believe that projects in this direction, which rank first among the priority agenda items of our Ministry, should increase more and more. With this belief, we will rapidly mature our new projects and continue our search for new projects.”

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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