Asparagus grown in Eskisehir, exports 30% of annual harvest abroad

Asparagus grown in Saricakaya district is sent to many cities in the country and exported to countries such as Romania, Germany, Italy and Singapore.

Asparagus, which is grown on 300 decares of land in Eskisehir’s Saricakaya district, is collected by the harvest team consisting of women and offered to the domestic and international markets. The district of Saricakaya, at 200 meters altitude, through which the Sakarya River passes, allows many crops to grow efficiently with its micro-conditioning feature and suitable soil structure.

Asparagus cultivation is carried out on 300 decares of land in the district, where there are different endemic species. The asparagus, which waits for 3 years after the preparation of the soil, then yields for many years. An average of 200-250 tons of asparagus is grown annually in the district. The asparagus, which started to be harvested in April, is collected from the field by a team of women. Gokhan Karatepe, the agricultural engineer responsible for the production of the asparagus growing company, told Anadolu Agency that they have been growing asparagus in Saricakaya since 2011.

Explaining that they expanded their production areas of 50 decares in the first years, Karatepe said:

“There are approximately 2 thousand 800 seedlings per decare of fields. We grow special varieties for high standard and high-quality harvest. We offer the majority of the asparagus we grow to the domestic market. We also export 30% of the annual harvest. We export to countries such as Romania, Germany, Italy and Singapore. We are expanding our land to increase asparagus production in the district.”


Stating that the harvest will continue for 3 months, Karatepe said, “Our harvest team consists of women. It is a process that requires attention. When cutting the asparagus shoot, the shoots next to it should not be damaged. Even if the weather conditions are difficult, the harvest needs to be done. Our team of women is experienced in harvesting.”

Havva Dag, who came to the district from Sanliurfa for the asparagus harvest, reported that they sometimes harvest even in rainy weather. Stating that growing asparagus should not remain in the field, Dag said, “We take care not to damage the shoot next to the asparagus that ripens during the harvest. We measure and cut the length of each shoot. Harvesting asparagus is an enjoyable and beautiful job.”

Rukiye Saribatur, who is in the harvest team, also underlined that attention is important in the harvest that starts early in the morning. Explaining that he liked the asparagus they harvested when they saw them in the markets or food shows, Saribatur said, “Then we get together with the girls and talk about how we harvested. Harvest is not difficult for the woman.”

Source: Hurriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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