Asian stock markets close mixed

Hong Kong stock exchange performs best, soaring 4%

Major stock exchanges in Asia closed mixed on Monday.

The Asia Dow, which includes blue-chip companies in the region, was down 18 points, or 0.55%, to 3,389 points.

Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 stock exchange lost 29 points, or 0.11%, to 26,818.

The Hang Seng, the benchmark for blue chip stocks trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange, was the best performer of the day, soaring 813 points, or 4%, to 21,089.

China’s Shanghai stock exchange gained 71 points,or 2.41%, to finish at 3,047.

India’s Sensex benchmark was down 84 points, or 0.15%, to 56,975.

The Singapore index rose 21 points, or 0.65%, to 3,356.


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